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Chap. Ix. An Bxpoftion upon the Book of J0 B. Verf.5, 3S day of judgement, O that God wouldfpeak. And open his lips. To open the lips implieth grave and deliberate (peaking. The íperire ltd Hebraifme is very frequent , `Pfal 73.2. 1 will open my mouth in eftJapienter £s aparable. Parables are fententious fpeeches , speeches filled with cum pondere weight of wifdome. To open the mouth in a parable is to have tothee ui ; quasi tau ee an aE}ive intention of the fpirir preparing and fitting the mouth to corde, rus twos t to open.The mouth ofa wife man is under cuflody, leaft the trea- os & labia fins fures of his minde (Mould fteal our, or be flolne out unobferved, veint oftium Precious things are not left open, they are under look,andkey. He isflbllave vet a wife man that keeps a lock and a key at his lips. The lock of fi- Bold. lence and the key of fpeech; or the key ofdifcretion to Phut and open the lock according to the true occafions of fpeech and fi- lence. David prayeth, Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth, and keep the door ofmy lips Pfal. 141. 3. as we Ihould delire the Lord tokeep or watch the door ofour lips,leafl we fpeak finfully,fo we fhould keep or watch our own lips, that we may fpeak fruitfully and feafonably. The Scribe which is inflrufted to the Kingdome ofheaven , is like unto a man which is an houlholder bringing forth out of his treasure things both new andold (Mat.' 3. 52.) He hath a flore a flock ofknowledge laid up there, and heopeneth not his mouth, or vents it, till occafion fpeaks. That counlell `Prov za. 17, 18. fully reacheth this Hebraifine ofopening the mouth. Bow down thine ear, and hear the words ofthe wife; (what to do ?) And apply thine heart unto my knowledge ; ( let thine heart draw in knowledge) Let it be as a bed , or a repofitory for the words of the wife to reft on, or be laid up in ; for, it is ..a plea. font thing (ther's the treafure) ifthou keep themwithin thee, they (hall withall be fittedin thy lips ;if thou keep themwithin thee; As if he had laid, When thou haft been a learner, and haft gained a flock of knowledge, then, theyfhaltbefitted to thy lips, that is, thy lips (hall bring forth shape and form thole notions of truth into profitable and favourydifcourfes , They (hall be fitted to thy lips. Some fpeak the words ofwifdome, but loch words are not fitted to their lips. It is (as the Proverb treacheth) The Age to the harp, or the Cat to the lute. Words mull be feated in the heart before they are fitted to the lips. Davids mouth did notfpeakpf wifdome, till the meditationofhis heart hadbeen ofunderftanding. Out of the abundanceoftheheart , the mouth fpeaketh, bothgoodand F 2 evil