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Chap. t r. eArn expoftion upon the Bo&of J 0 B. Verf.6. of wifdome, and full of plainnefhe ; we may reade wifdomeupon qualm ad the very letter of Tome words, and in the face ofCome works of abyffì dequi- God, while other leffons of wifdomeare hard , fo hard to be un-i bus d:fputare, tierflood that none can unriddle the meaning of them. And in quas fermpr this the Lordmaintaineth his own honour , and keepeth flare ; he fdre. an will not have all he doth, or all he (peaks lie levell to every a re- ctpttáre, Sanft. P Y PP Erudita infri- henfian,.orto be aText for every-mans interpretation ; he hath tia eft, non f i- fome knotty xnigmas and obfcure ,riddles to exercife the holiefl re velle , qt wits,the higheft parts,the.choifefl':gifts of his people,yea and their magiifer maxi- mum ,patience too: they muff Rand waiting and expefting, yea admiring vo- luit nefcire. and wondering what God meaneth. 'Tis learned nefcience wil- lingly not to know,what God is unwilling we thould know.They are as good fchollars who endeavour not to learn what he is not pleafed to teach them, as they who have learned what he teach- eth them. Though his fecreets bewith thofe that fear him, yet we mull fear to be among his fecrets. The fecrets ofwifdome here fpeciallymeant , are (I conceive) the fecrets of providence : That's the fubjeft upon which the di- fpute runs : God, in his aftings toward mankind , hath many re- ferves in his ownbrefl and bofome which no man is able , or should adventure to give any reafon or account of, betides the,di rate and-naeergood pleafure ofhis own good will. Once more, O that he would thee thefecrets ofwifdoane,.is, as if .ophar had faid, Thou judgefl upon the out-fide, thou dwel- lefl in the bark and rinde ofdivine difpenfations, Thou canfl not look .into their heart, God alone can thew that .to thee. The word which we tranflate [ Shew] fignifies to interpret and expound that which is dark myfterious and xnigma- ticall. Hence obferve, Firfl, Wit-dome is_a fecret, er bath aferret in it. a. Then it is precious. That which is very;common may be very good (as all and water) but it cannot bear any great, price. 2. Then.wifdotne mull befought for, and fought with diligence; If thouPeek, t her asElver, andfearcheJfor her asfor hidtrea/ures, `Prov. z.4. Wifdome lies deep as the veins ofgold and tilver in the earth. Wifdome is to befought as Elver. Silver is not to be had upon the furface of the'earth , thereyou may ende pibbles and flints, but if you would have filver,yòu muff dig and mine for it Secrets are not Peen at firli fight , nor found out upon the ñríft fearch ;