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q 6# Chap. t t. An Expofition upon the Book. of J O B. Verf.6. knew hot mydifeafe while the Law flood aloof off, and I was without the Law. (Not that '1'aid had not theLawboth written in his heart,and in his book:for asa Pharifee he was bred up among the Commentatours of the Law) but he was without it , or , he was but at the out-tide of it (though I give it not for the proper meaningof the place yet in that fenfe alto) he was without the Law he had not travelled thorow the length and breadth of i.t But (faith he) -when the commandment came, when it came in the fpiritualneffe of it, and I faw in forne meafure what holineffe was couched there I was then in a woeful! condition , I faw my fella loft man , thenfrnne revived, and 1 died; and (verfe t 3.) Sin by the commandment became exceedingfnfull ; that is , When the Commandment was-cleared to me, then I faw that I was extream finfull , or felt the violent motions ofmy fin. My fm beingdifco- vered by that light, began to fpit out its venome, either provo- king ltiplu le In fying andvexingme and fortwhat I had committted.mThere is atmul- coconf:flis,quod tiplicity ofpurities in the Law, reaching the multiplicity of im- ad minima purities and finfull imaginations in us. The Lawof God doth, fjn cquefe ex- though the laws ofmen donot, nor can, take notice of, and de- ßend,s. Aquin. fcend to the leaf} Items and punc`tilio's. Aman cannot fo muchas Zex cuss ,ìe minimise g o a beyond a that which is right, but the Law isup- on his back ; a man cannot have a wry thought, but theLaw meets with it; and a godly man (who isfpirituall, and hath a ne.w'nature in him) feldome hath a wrong thought, but he takes himfelf tardy in it, and findes fomewhat in that holy, and righ- teous will of God , by which he can charge himfelf a firmer. Whereas, they that are carnall and ignorant of the Law, can run on in a thoufand fins , and never tell themfelves of one, nor will they be convinced , when another tels them. Agodly man loath a preacher inhis ownbofome ; if he dobut fiepafide, or do arniffe, . fomewhat within will phew him a rule, and bring him a light to take meafure of, and fee his failings by. He (as the Apofile bath it, (z Cor.; o.6.) loath in a readinelfe to revenge everydifobedience. He findes a weapon ready to his hand in the magazin ofthe word of God , to avenge every difobedience of his heart ; if but a vain thought arife ; he bath fomewhat ready tocheck it ; fuch is the variety and largenetlè of the Law, that it difcovers and controuls every aberracion. If God'hew a foul theferrets of wifdome in the glane of the law. He mua confefle that it is double to all he knew