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Chap. i r. eon Expofition upon the Book of JO B. Verf. 6. 47 knew before , from the Iight of nature , or from the diétates of humane reafon. Secondly , The word fïgntfies an inward law, as well as an out- Prafriptuon ward , yea the height and fpirit, the extraEtions andquinteffence rattonis gaol of reafon come under this notion. There is a reafon , a prefcript fequt oportet in ofreafon in God.He aaeth by a rule within himfelf, his righteous; ILab i a1O will is his rule. He gives us a law to regulate our wills but his Infinite fìtnc own will is his law. Weneed give no other reafon , that what in tnente Dei he hath done is right , but this, that he hath done it. We have re- loges, rations; ceiaed one law from the minde of God , bat thereare infinite Cif medi quibus laws in the minde ofGod. Thus the fenfe runs veryclear, O that tai in regimi godworldfhew thee the fecrets of wifdome, that they are double (to ne; ui fenfús. what thou thinkat !according to the internals, eternali moving! and leni(firnns ei. thoughts ofhis own heart. Hence Davids holy rapture (Plat 40. Bold. v.5.) Many, OLord my god , are thywonderful) works , and thy thoughts whics are to us ward, they cannot be reckoned up in order to thee ; IfI woulddeclare and/ oak ofthem, they are more then can be numbred. The works of God toward his people are many and wonderful) , but his thoughts are more., The thoughts ofGod are the eternal) purpofes of his heart. He doth not think and then refolve, but his thoughts are his refolutions. His thoughts fland, he never loft, or laid alide any one of them. We tranflate, That they are double to that which it : The wordD,rplo major,e fignifieth being or the exiftence of a thing ; and fo'others render, effe its qua exi.. O thathe wouldfhew theethefecrets of wifdome, that they are doublegam. to thofe things which exit ; As ifhe had Paid , The Lord bath re- vealed Fox and made many things apparent , but the things which conepl setteres appear not are farre more then thofe which do appear; the fe- Dei ejus fa- era wifdome of God exceeds what he hath revealed, he af- pieíttiam& ju fli1Ieth thee according to what he bath revealed, but he mightflitiam,qua affila thee more, if he thould proceed with thee according to the ioP11 °i.e.mal-. major height ofhis fecret wifdome. Hence obferve, lu ricr eft That the wifdoin ofGodwhich appeareth to us , is not half or is guanz nob vi= but littlein compàtifon ofthat which is in God. deatur, vel no- The Lord halt not brought forth all the treafures of his wif -t raratio cape, dome ; he bath not Ramped all his wifdome upon any thingwhich reP0Jft' he bath done , no nor upon any thing which he bath fpoken It is not pofìble that a finite nature fhould receive the whole impref- fion of an infinite wifdome. Our receits are but drops, he hath an ocean of wifdome in hinafelf, We are narrow-mouthed vefl'els, we take.