Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

TO THE CHRISTIAN READER. Yr f ianReader,hauing been incouraged bydiuers, no leJgodly then judicious, whohaveperufed theftmypoorelabours, andgiuen them theirapprobation ; and not a littlecomforted in my f lfe,in that, through Gods blfirlg, I haue been a meaner of comforting others, for the refrefhing ofwhof faintingfoules1chfy intendedall my paines51was made themore willing againe to reuiew them, for thyfurther be- nefit, andnot onely topurge themfrommax, faults which f apedin thefirft impre ion, but of to adde föme things which being wanting in the framer edition didmake it fememaimedand imperfect. As namely, confolations for thofewhoare troubledwith tentationsarfngfrom blafphe- morns fugg(ions ; and the rfutatiou of thofe chid/ions whichimpugne the certainty(fourperfeeuerance.fyet there beany thing (asno doubt there are many things) wanting to make this treatife complete, or any thing alreadie writ- ten which doth not give fatisfa/áion, I would intreate the godly learned, asalpthofe whohawing been long trainedin thefchooleofthefee f irituall affliöions andtentations, are nowgrowne expert fcholars through theiroyvnefèelingand experience, that theywouldhelpe by their Chr f ian letters tofuppliemy wants, and to admonifh meofmy flips that 1 may reforrxe them. In themeane time 1commend thofe and allother my labours to the blefing ofGod, and thyMe to hismollgraciousandalljificientprote(-7ien.From Lathe. Lurie in London the 2o. o f0c7ober. i 6o8. Thine in theLord, IOHN DOYyNAMB.