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That neither the name,stor ahans ofthe flefh,tan pro- perly beafcri- bed to the Jpiri stratiman. 124 How the Chrtf?ian beingfoiledmaybe raised. generate part, which cannot fitliebe calledby our name,be.. caufe it is mortified alreadie in fome meafure, and fhall be fullie abolifhedby the fpirit ofGod ; neither doth itline the farne fpirituall life with vs, feeing it is not quickned by the fame fpirit : and therefore as thofe who haue diuers foules, whichgiue vnto them life andmotion,are themfelues diuers and alfo calledbydiuers names ; fo the new andold man li- uing as itwerebydiners foules,the onebeingquicknedwith Gods fpirit, the other by Satan (whereof it conuneth to paffe,that the more the one liueth the other dieth,the more flrong the fpirit is,the weaker is the flefh; and theanions of both are quite contrarie) therefore they may fitlybe called by diners names : neither can the aelions of the flefh bee afcribed to thefpirit properly, feeing theyare contrarie the one to the other. For as ifa cion ofa crab tree, and another ofapepin treebeing grafted into the fame flocke doeboth bring forth their feuerall fruites,the onecrabbs,the otherpet pins, it may fitlie be faid this tree bringeth forth either pe- pins or crabs,becaufe theygrow in the farne flocke ; but yet it cannot bee trulie faid that the crab tree cion bringeth foorth pepins,or the pepin cion crabs : fo becaufe the flefh and the fpirit are ioined together in the fame bodie and foule,we may in this refpe& fay that this man finneth,or doth thatwhich is good;butyet whenwe fpeak .ofthe regenerate or carnali man properly and feuerallie,as wecannot trulyfay thatthe flefh doth any good, fo neithercanwe truly affirme that the fpirit & regenerate man dothcommit that which is euil,but(as ÿApoffle fpeaketh)frnwhich dwelleth with him. And though the flefhbe the farre greater part,yet doth it not denominate &glue thename to the chriflian& his a6tions, becaufe it is partly mortified, partly inmortifying, and part- ly tobe mortified, that is, deputed and deflinated to death anddeflru6hion;and alto becaufe it is theworfe and more vn- worthie part without compare,and confequentlynot to giue thename : foras wine mixt with water is called fill wine,: though the waterexceede the wine inquantitie,becaufe it ig the More excellent fubflance; fo the flefh being mixt with - the fpirit, though it be in greater quantitie, it dothnot giue