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Hoirthe Chri! anbeing mayAe raitd. 2 5 thenarre tovs and- our actions; but the fpirit, as- being our moll excellent and worthiepart ; and ofit wee are called fpi- rituall,regenerate and newmen,though the leaft part be.fpi rituall,regenerate andrenued. Iftherefore we are regenerate, andhaue invs the fpirit of' Cod, and the graces thereofin the leadmeafure, wee may boldly faywith Parsl, that itis nomore weÿ do offendGod; butCnne that dwelleth invs,neither !hall we receiuepunifh- ment butthe flefh,that is,our vnregenerate and'corrupt part,. which (hall be mortified and fullyabolifhed by the Spirit of God; as for the fpirituall and regenerate part, it (hall daily beemore and more ftrengthened and confirmed in the fpiri tuall life,and themorepunifhnients,afflie}ions and torments . the flefhbath inflicted on it,the more fhall the fpiritual man grow vp ingrace and goodnes,tillour corruption being by little and little mortified; and in theend fully abolifhed by death,we (hall beperfe&men-in Chrift,lruinga fpiritual ands.. euerlaf+ing life in all glorié and happines inhis kingdome.' When therefore the Lord fuf ereth Satin to affli&vs inour goods, bodies,and in our foules andconfciences ashee did 1ob,it is not becaufe hee bath forfakenvs andgiuen,ouer his, whole intereaheebath in vs to this wickedf} irit,but, as the Apoltle fpeaketh inanother matter,he deliuerethvsvetoSa- tan (tobe affii&ed)for the del!rution ofthe flefl.,, that thefbi- r.Cor. 5.5. rit maybefamed in theday o fthe Lord lefus, I.Cor. 5.5 Itmay bee that thew,vorke ofmortification and regenera- §Sea, ;, tioncloth goe !lowly forward, and theLordmay fora time Thou,hour!pi. let our corruptionsbeare great fway invs, to the endhe may rituallgrowth hereby truly humble vswith the fight ofour infirmities, and beflorr,yet it is take away from vs all felfe-confidence, prefiumption and certaine. caufe ofboatting,andmake vs wholly to relie vpon his mer cie andChrifis merits :but thoughit goon flowly,yet it lhall goe furely, becaufe it is not begun and continued by our felues, for wecannot fomuch asthinkea good thought but al our fufficiencie is ofGodas it is 2.Cor.3.5.nei ther can we z.Cor.3, S , fo much as will and defire that which is acceptable in Gods fighr,for it is he that worketh invs thewill & the deed,euen ()This. pleafure, as it is Phil.z.x3. And therefore theft Phil. z.i 3. holie