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t~2 6 How the Chrillionbeofoiledmay k railed. holie dèfres, which are thebeginnings and firfI fruits ofre- generation,being theworkeofGods fpirit;he will finifh and perfe& that whichhe hath begun,till at laft webe fully freed fromour corruption,and induedwith vnfpotted holines and fanc`rification. According to that Phil.i.6. Iamperfvadedof this fame thing, that hee whobathbegun this goodworke inyou, hillperforme it vntill the day ofIefus Chrifi. For aswith the Iam,r.i. Lord himfelfe there is neither change nor (hadow ofchange, Mal. ;.6. Tam. I .17. Mal.3.6. foallo are hisgiftsandcalling without re- Roui, 4.Sec7.7. Ifwe earnr(lly defire;perfec7i- on,the Lord willperfell vs, andin the meane time pardon our im- perfeótions. loba 7.38. Rcuel, za.6. pentance : as it is Rotn.i i .29. Iftherefore we hauebut a defire to forfake our fnnes, and toattaine veto true fang%ification,this defire is Gods worke, whichhe wil finifh& accomplifh,according to thatPfal.i4S 19. He wilfulfilthedefire ofthem that fearehsm.For iftheLord doe euenpreffe vpon vs whilefl we doe not delire his compa- nie ; if hee Band waiting andknockingat the dooreofour hearts,calling andcryingvntovs that We will open and giue him entrance, when his holie fpirit hath inflamedvs with true loue ofhim,andopened our harts withan carneft defire to haue him enter;will hee now thinke you goe away andre- fufe to come in when wee incite him ? No afliiredly,forhe bathpromifed the contrarie, ReuiI.3.20. Behold(faith he) I f Landat the dooreand l¿nocke : ifanieman heare my voiceando- pen thedoore, Iwill come in unto himand fupwith him, andhee with mee; thatis, I will make hima richbanquet ofmy hca- uenliegraces, andguehim todrinke the water oflife, of which whofoeucr drinl`eth ¡hallneuer be morea thirfl, but it jhall bee in 'himawell o fwaterfringing vp into euerlaflin!r life, as our Sa- uiour fpeakethIoh.4.i4. So our Sauior Chrft calleth fuch as thirít vnto him, Ifany man thirf$,let him come tome anddrink: And, Iwillglue to him that is a thirfi orthe well of the water oflife freely.Iftherefore we haue a thirftingdelire afterGods fpirit and the graces thereof, wee (hall in Gods good time be fatisfied,and filled with the full meafure ofthern. And in themeane time thoughour infirmitiesbe neuerfo great and manifold.yet inChrill Godwil be wel pleafed withvs,vvhen as our corruptions do difpleafe our felues, fo that Weearneft- w1y defire, to be freedfrom them,and to ferue the Lord in rifh- teoufnes