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How the Chrifli anbeing_foledmay be raild. 12 7 teoufnes and holines oflife. For the Lord efleemeth more of our will than ofour deeds, and ofour holie endeuour,than ofourbell works, becaufe this is the feruice and facrifice of our hearts, wherewithabove all other things hee is moll de- lighted andtherefore,Di cor Deo &fufcit, Giuc thy hart Prou.t3.16. toGod and it fuRîceth,Prou.23.26. For the Lord is our moll gracious father, wvhofe loue farre exceedeth the loue euenoftender mothers,Efa.49.r5.Looke Efa49;5'. therefore what affe&ien the tender father or mother beareth and 66°13' and fheweth towards their child : and fùch,nay infinit more will the Lord thew towardsvs, as himfelfe profeffethMal.3. I 7. Andbrill(pare them,as aman flares h,5 awaretonne that 24a1.3.17. feruethhim. Nowweknow-thatifa childendeuour to do his dutie, and flriue to doehisbefl,though through want ofpo- wer orskill bee is not able to doe ashe would, thofe things which his father inioynedhim; there is no louing father but will winkeat his imperfe&ions,arrdaccept his wil;cornrnen- ding hisobedience and dutiful( endeuour, though the work in it (elfe deferue no commendations:howmuch more there- forewill our heauenly father,whofe loue is infinit and with- outall comnpare,be wel pleatedwithvs in the rniddefi ofour infirmities,ifwe haue a defineandcare to fernehim ? The Lord is our 1hepheard, and we his flock and the fhee Prarm; 1346 ofhis paflure ; as it is Pfal. 2 3 .I . and Ioh. i o.Now ifa fheepe john r o. be intangled in the briars, fo as hee cannot follow the fhep_ heard, though he hearehis. voycecallingveto him, yet ifhe. flrule and flriue to come out to the vttermofl ofhis wer,andbleatfor the llrepheardshelpe,when he cannot help himfelfe, hereby it appeareth that hee is one ofhis flocke, which thegood f aepheard will not fuffer tobelofl; whereas. indeed ifhewant not power alone,bat will alto to bee freed and to follow after, it is deere that hebelongeth to another fheepfold : fo ifwhen wee are intangled in the briarsofour corruption s,and fohindred with our imperfeélions,tha.t wee cannot follow the great t`hepheard ofour foules fetus Chriff in the path ofrighteoufires, which leadeth to the fheepfold ofeuerlafling happines, thoughwee heare his voice calling, unto vs; yet ifwith the riffle f%eepe we Llruggle and firitre to_ bee.