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THE CONTENTS, Temporal/benefits , no infalliblefignes ofGods lone. 140 Satans tentationswhereby he perfivadeth weaks Chriflians that they arenot belouedofGod, anfwered. 141 That carnalimenhaue no ofurance of Gods loue though they boat'? thereof. 143 That euerieparticular Chrif zi iämay beafaredofGods lone.i 44. ThatdoubtingofGods loue is iniurious vntehim, andpernicious to ourfelues. 145 Theeittls that accompaniedoubtingofGods loue, and the bene- fits whichfollowourperfvafon thereof. 147 CHAP. II. That our f ones andvnworthineje fh ould not make vs doubt or Gods lone. 148 That we are neither belated ofGod, elected, redeeYned, called, iu- fßified, fandtifìed, orfined for any refpett ofour owne worthi- neffe. 749 Thatbeingvnworthie inourfelues, weare loued, eleEted, as d f i- uedinChri¡i. 156 CHAP. III. That temporal! affbEtions are ratherfgnesofGods loue, than of hishatred. 157 That (pirituall affltEtion s are nofgnes ofGods hatred. i 60 Examples ofClods deareftferuants *hohaue bin exercifdwith Mira-stall oflip lions. I 6z e dangerous tentation grounded vpon our not profiting byaf- fiFtions, anfìvered. 166 That it isnofit time to fudge ofourjpirituallgraces in the con- flrEt oftentations. 167 That Gods deere¡l children in the time oftentation haue Aewed impatiencie, andvttred inconfderatefpeeches. 163 The obie .fionout of Eccief.9.I . anfwered, and theplacecapons.. ded. 17i CH AP. IIIT. thecaufes, fubieit, obie t1, andproperties there- 175 CHAP. V. wherewith he ajfatiltethworldlinv, awfrered: whereby bee perfvadetb worldlins that all in ofGods election, of. Satans tentations andfir fl that