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THE CONTENTS. e40" in the end'hall bee faced. 178 Satans temptationgroundedvpon thevnchangeablenelfe of Gods predestination,wherebyheperfwadeth them desßerately togo on infnne,prouddtobefool' fh,falfeandimpious. i go CHAP. VI. Satans temptations whereby bee moueth the wakeChri1fian to doubt ofhisele¿lion, anfwered. as Thecaufes which moue Satan and his instruments to per,(wade the?beake Christian todoubt ofhis election. 185 The¡late ofthis questionbetweene Satan& the Chriflian. 187 Thatwemay becertainly affuredofourelection, proudby testi., monies ofScriptures. Z 8q an obiefliongroundedvpon the indefinitenefe ofcods proms:. fes, anfwered. 192 That we may beallured that we are the faithfullvnto *hum thepromifes ofthe Gofellaremade. 193 a,4 temptation grounded vponour want ofof urance thatwee hauefaith, anfwered. 195 CHAP. VII. That we maybe affuredo fourelection, prouddbymanyfirong ar.. guments. 197 That ouraffuranceAct&not bemixt with doubting : and that doubting is notacommendablepropertie ofaith, but afruit of vnbeleefe. 199 Thatfaith is a certaine And particular perfwa f on, andnot a doubtfull opinion orgeneralinotion. 20A, CHAP. VIII. Thatwe maybe aflaredofourelectionby the tesiimonieofGods fpirit. 211 .Howwe may knolb that Gods Spirit dwelleth invs. 145 Howl-be maydifcerne the testimonic ofgods Spiritfromour own prefumption. 217 CHAP.;IX. Ofthemeanerwherebywemay be affuredofour election. 221 Thefirflrneanes, the te§limcniicoftheholy Ghofl. 22Z Dicersdifferences betweene the telimonie ofthe f iirit andpre- fumptuous Praritie. 22I Thefecondmeans, thehearing.o f theword, 224 Thirdy,