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T64 Spiritnall a f iin:ions no infalliblefgnesofGodrhatred. man that Iam,rrho (hall deliuer me from the bodie ofthis death!' .Seirf,ó. So thatby thefe andmany fuch like examples, that is ma- That Christ nifef} vnto our comforts which theApofle fpeaketh, i.Cor, birafclfeindu- 10.13.7-here hash no temptation taken yore but Inch aé avper- red thefßiri- tai" eth to man;fc,r the lame afltElions(trbehavefiler) f are4C- Mall afliai- complrfhed in our brethren*hid) are in the warld,as it is, I Pet. Va. LCor0.13 verf. Yea the fame and greater were indured b 5 9 fane g Y our i Pet.5,.9. head IcfusChrifl himfelfe, who receiued deepe and griflie wounds,in refpee1ofthofe finall fcratches which IAee fuffer, Efa.53.3;, and drunke the full cuppe of Gods heauie difpleafure , of' whichwee only lip or tafle ; for hee was not only inhis out- ward Elate deieeìed and reputedas an abie& aínongft men, nor perfecuted byhismelt enemiesalone,euen to the take- ingaway ofhisprecious life,by a cruell and fhamefulldeath; but alto inwardly in his foule he fuflained farremore heauie erases thé that which he outwardly caried on his fhoulders, though thewaight thereof caufed him to faint for wearines. For to faynothing ofSatans temptations and the power of hell which was fet againf}him, let vs confider ofthat bitter agonie which hee fuflained in the garden, where the bur- thenofGods anger, for our finnes was fo heauie upon him, that it prefledout ofhis bleflëdbodie a fweate ofwater and blood : neither was bee prefently eafed ofthis vnfupportable waight,but he was faine to beare it euen vnto his croffe; nei- ther was hee comforted in mindswhen the pangs ofdeath had taken hold ofhis bodie, but euen then licewas fo vexed with thefenfe ofhis fathers difpleafure,that inbitternefle of foule he crieth out,MyGpd,my God,whyhaft thouforfaken me :NO:. that liedefpairedvtterly ofGods loue &aflìflance, or thought himfelfe a reprobateand caf}away,for he calleth him f }illhisGod:but ÿDeitie having for atime withdrawne it felfe, to the end the humane nature might fuller that pu- nifhment whichwee had deferued euenveto death it felfe, whichotherwife it could not haue been fubietvnto, bee Ttrereth.this fpeech trulie according to hisprefent fenfe and apprehenfion. N:ow if wee confider who it is that was thus grieuouflyafflìì-ledbothin bodie and minde;wce fhall finde not: one,hated. ofGod, but his.onely begottenn