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§.Sea. x. Ofthefjiirituallarmour 0,*.r :.. »._.-....-. t.0 ..kosilsrmii) . . 4 That the vvea- pnsofour cbriftian vvarfare befpirituall. Eph.6.i t.8;c, EphaE6,1:. Iobßi.Y'.so CHAP. IX. Oftheffiirituallarmour,defcrsbed Ephef.6. Nd thus haue I !hewed thenature andqualitie of our enemieagainft whomwemutt fight ; bothin refpee`I ofhiswill,& alfo his power,confifing in his ftrengthand policie ; and alloThane (hewed fome meanes which in our preparation againft him wemull vfe carefully,thatwee maywithfand him; namely,byoppo- fingagainst his malitious wil,chriflian refolution;againll his firength,the omnipotentpower ofGods might ; againil his fubtil policie,chriftianwifdom, confining in theknowledge ofGodswordiand true integri.tieand finiplicitie ofheart. Nowwee are tofpeake ofthe laPt meanes which we are to vfe in our preparation immediatly before our combat; that is, we are to arme our felues againf the encounter : and to this end(becaufe we are butfrefh-water-fouldiers & offmall ex- perience) let vs take the counfaile andaduiceofthe Apoftle Psaul,one ofGods chiefe champions and expert fouldiers, as he fetteth it down,Eph.6.i a.I2.13.14.&c.where firfi hede- fcribeth thequality,and as it were the mettal ofour armour; in which refpeet hee telleth vs,that weemuff put on the ar- mour ófGodwhich is fpirituall, and that our weaponsand armourmuffnot becarnali. Forbeingofthis nature,though theywere neuer fo fróg,theywere to no purpofe,feeing our enemie is fpirittual; neither do we trreflleagainf A.í71 d blood, but ,Rainfiprincipalsties,poroersandfpirituall wickednef es, as it isEph.6.ia.Invaine therfore itwere with thePapias to feek todefend our felues withholywater,or Crucifixes,or ragges andreliques ofSaints, from the violent a(l'aults of this our enemie ; or els with defperate hackfiers totrul in our fword, buckler and fpeare : for well is that verified ofthis fpirituall Leuiathan, which the Lord fpeaketh ofthe earthlyLeuia- than,Iob 41.17.2o. when thefword doth touch him,herwllnot trifeVp, andhe laughethat the fhakingofthefpeare. And there- fore whenwe are to encounter thisgreat Goliah, wee are to lay