Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133 .D76 C551 1608 v.1

THE EPISTLE DEDICATORIE. mightie power, yet doe they exceedinglywith their affaults and temptations, foyle, vexe and trouble them by working in force, forgetfulneffe of God and of themfelues, fecuritie, and careleffe retchlef- ncffe; and turwoyling others with horrible feares, defperate doubting, aid bitter agonies. Whereby it commeth topafle, that the one fort fecurdly goe on in finne, forgetting the end of their creation, re- demption, and holievocation, vnto which Godbath called them, vntill with Salomon they haue found in the endoftheir worldly delights, nothing but vani- tie and vexation offpirit : and the other are fo of frighted,aftonifhed,and continually tormented with doubtings, feares, and thecontinual' .affaults oftheir fpirituall enemies, that they goe mourning all the day long, piningaway ingriefe andanguifh ofmind, tillat lait they grow wcarie of their hues, thinking their foules an intollerable burthen to their bodies, and theirbodies to the earth. The confideration of which lamentable and too too miferable effeets, as it fhould moue al Chriflians tohand vpon their guard, and to arme themfelues with the fpirituall armor, that theymay notbe ouercome oftheir temptations, and fall into thefegreat mifchiefes : fo fhould it moue Gods faithfull Minihers (whole dutie it is, not onely themfelues to walke in the waies ofrighteoufneffe, but alfó as fpirituall guides to leade others with them) in difchargeoftheir confcience before God, and in Chriflian commiferation and compafion to- wardstheir brethren, tovfeall good meanesboth by fpeaking andwriting, whereby they may bee pre- ferued and freed from there fnares which their fpi- rituall enemiesdoe lay to intrap them; by beating If 3 downs