Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

'Reáfont mo ting yrto contemne worldlypro!eritie. 49 eolily apparell,delicious fare,and plentie ofall things in this world,buteternal] torments in the world to come:to Laza- rar,and with him, to almoll all thefaithfull, pouertie heere, and a great meafureofmifcrieand affli&ion; but after this life a large portion ofetcrnall ioy and bleffedneffe inGods kingdome. And left I might feeme to force the parable, you 'hall fee that our Sauiour Chrill himfelfe doth purpofely thus applie it, where he.bringeth in Abrahamfpeaking thus to the rich man; Sonne remember than thon in thyltfe t nae re- Luke I 6.25. ceiuedît thy pleafure (or as the words in the originali more .,1.,;aw emphatically lignifie, thy good things, or thy portion ofà íAaC[s >ú ,a good) and lefewrfeLazarta4patne.r, (or his portion of euils) a7.8á wt now therefore (faith he) ishecomforted,and thouart tormented. Whichreafon ofAbrahams being fyllogillically framed, in- ferrethtoworldlings afearefullconclution: Thofc who in theirlife timeliueinplentieand voluptuous pleafures, (hall be tormented in hellfire; and thofe who patiently endure miferiesand of li6lions, than be in ioyand blefhedncffe : but thou rich man liuefl in all plentie and voluptuous pleafures, andGudspoore feruantspatiently enduremiferiesand affli- dtions; and therefore thoumini be tormented inhell,where- as they (hall inherit the ioyesofheauen. And in truth what (hew ofhope haue thefefecure worldlings,that they fhould bepreferred before thedeare feruants ofGod; or what rea- fonhaue they to imagine, thatthey fhall haue a double por- tion in Gods gifts, both in chi.slife, and in the lift to come, whenhis owne children mull be contented with a tingle, thougha moli excellentpart,and may feldomebe fuffered to enioybothheauenlyglorie, and worldly profperitie, vnleffe it be tempered andfeafonedvnto themwith manifold crof- fesandaffli&iions ?Yea let them know, andknowing trem- ble, that the righteous Iudge ofheauen and earthdoth ad- minilier righteous judgement; and becaufe there is none fo bad, but haue in them tome good naturali parts,fomere'lrai- ning graces, and haue been the inflrumentsofdoingTome thingwhich at leali hash had the appearanceof ther- fore.God being infinitin bountie,will not lctany thing,that hachbut a thew ofgoodncffe go vnrcwarded, but giueth to E world-