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Of fpiriruallwifdome. 67 dome iborthefteeme,which doth sootflie in thewindofwords, but Sapiemtio ilia config in theoperations ofvertue.But when this wifdome and clam eft,xon obedience are ioyned together, then are we truly faid to qua attained unto fpirituallwifdom, whereby as our iudge- rattbnr conflit. ments are informed, lo alto are our affeelionsfanetified, and our hues reformed and amended. And hereof it is that true moral. wifedome is faid in the Scriptures toconGft in the feare of God; Thefeare oftheLord is Liiifdome, and todepartfrom will lob a8.:8. is vnderrfanding. And, thebeginningofwi fedome is thefeare ofPfal.t t the Lord,all they that o6ferue them banegood vnderflandrng,his Prou.o.q. praife endurethforeuer.Becaufe,where the true feareofGod is, it willmake chofe who .are .inducd therewith, to labour after the knowledge of will, that knowing what is plcafingvoto him, they may imbraceit, and what difplea- fing, that theymay auoidit : andfor asmuch as they are al- wayes in his fight, it will caute them awfully to demeane themfelucsasin his prefence, obferuinghis will, and yeel- dingobedience toall his Commandements. And thus the Prophet ioynech thefe together, faying, that the Spirit ofthe Efayu:a.y. Lord fbould rest uponChri'E,the Spirit ofkyowledge,andofthe feareofthe,Lord,andfhonldmakehim prudent an thefeare oftho Lord. Now thisfpirituall wifdomeconfif1inginknowledge, O- .Sec`i.4. bedience, and feare ofthe Lord, bee learned no where spirituati wiiJ elfe, but outofGods word, in whichherbath ecuealed his dome is tobe will, andvied manyeffe&uall rcafons to moue vs to obedi- l`arnedonly out Gads word. ente; forfo. theProphet `Daurdfaith, that the lawoftheLord Plmx9.7. ssperfett,conreerting thefoule; the teFfimonie gibeLordisfore, and giuetb wifdome to thefimple. To which purpofeanother faith,that theword ofGodmoffhigh IS thefountaineofwifdome, Ec leti.s: and the euerlagingCommandementsare the entrance vnto her. And Hieromeafñrmeth, that truewifdome is a treafere which Verafapientia onlygroweth in thefield ofthe Scriptures, thewhichisa ielbellqu /Jltsfmina worthietobe boughttbithmanypearles. SoDanis! afcribethall.gro¡cripeora- his wifdome to the inflruelion ofthis SchooIcmatler.: By remnafcuur, thy Commandements (faith.he) thouhart made mee wifer then &c. mine enemies ; fortheyare euer wok,me : I,haue hadmorevn- Pammachium, demanding then allmy teachers,far thy teífimoniesaremy me- Tom,t. F z diration.