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Ofworldlywifedomeand lbicktedpotieie. 73 refbefi oftbywifdome?butit it notthe propertieoflbifdome tore: faperbiendo beproud : forby beingproud, like a felfe-robberthoufpotles`t thy prmúmum felfeof thatwhereofthouglorieFt. dintiapine's. Secondly,worldlypolicie isvnlawfull and wicked, when Chryfoll.i, as it isfeuered fromChrillianfimpiicitie and finceritie; forz.Thelf.r thefe our Sauiour bathconioyned, willingvs to beas wife mil./. as ferpents, andfimple as doues;and therefore no manought 4 Set3 to feuer themwhich hebath coupled: and this the Apoffle isorl dédrahrn repeateth and expoundeth, Iwould(faith he) haueyou wife,to it isfruered that which is good, andfimpleconcerning euill. For which fim- from fmPlicitie plicitieNathaniel is commended by our Sauiour Chrill; Be- andfinceritie. hold (faith he) a true lfraelite,inwhom thereisnoguile. Soal- Maahao.ró. fo it is euill when asit is not ioyned with truth and righte- ohn q 9 oufiteffe. For truewifdome promifeth, that her mouth ;ballProu.8q.8.zo. f Bake the truth, and her lips abhorre wickedneffe, that allthe lbordsofher mouth(haltbefoundrightem, that there;hallbena lewdneffenorfrowardnes in them; andthat fhewillcaufe herfol- lowers to walke in the wayofrighteoufneffe, and in themiddeFt of the Fatherofjudgement. So the fonne ofSyrachfaith, that true wifdome isfarre frompride anddeceit, andmen that lie cannot rememberher, but menoftruth1hallhaunther,and[hullproler euen to thebeholdingofGod. Againe, it is euill and vnlawfull, when as menvfe wicked and vniufl meanes for the accom- plifhingoftheirdeliires, as lying, facing, fwearing,forfwea- ring, treacherie anddoubledealing; or when astheypro- poundvino themfelues,intheir policies,vngodly and finfull ends,whereby either God is difhonored, their brethren en- damaged,or their ovine confciences wounded, and faluati- on hindered : for (asone faith) to be wife vnto euill; is notto salutemaim, play thewife man, but thefoole. Finally, this ciuill wifdome is faperenoa etï eu ill to themwho haueanouerweening conceit ofit, extol- fßern Pere,i ling and magnifying it abone it worth, and placing in it Grad.humc.. (with Araode) their chiefe happineffe;as alto to chafe whoAriflot. in in their loue fo dote on it, that they preferre it before that rhic. lib .S. wifdome which is diuine and fpirituall,whercasit fhouldbe but an handmaid vnto it, gluing it precedence and place whenboth cannot fland together. To conclude, it iseuill to thofe who put their trufl in their ovine wifdome andpoli- cies,