Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

74 That worldlymi fdome andpolicie is tobe contemned. cies, either forprouifion ofchofe things they defre, or for their preferuationfromdangers, morethen inGod himfelf, who is our onely preferuer and proteéior; contrarie tothe Ptou.3.6, perfwafonoftheWife inan,who exhorteth vsto truf in the Lordwith allour hearts, andnot lean twoourownenoi fdome. 4 Sec? And thus haue I'hewed, how and in what refpeéis this ci- worldlywife_ uill wifdome and policie is to be accounted warrantable and dome We be good, and how it is tobe efleemed euill andvnlawfull : in contemned,fall which refpeéi weare not to let ourhearts on it, but to con. efteemeeG rt temne and hate, fhunand auoid it : which that wemay doe, not let theft reafons moue vs : firfi,becaufe this worldlyand car- nail wifdome isnot good, nor ofany worth and excellencie, but euill, bafe and contemptible : and fecondly, becaufe it bringethvino vs no truegood or profit, but hurt and difad- uantage.That there is in it no worth or excellencie,it appea. reth, becaufe God efieemeth it not : for whereas he refer- ueth hischicle jewels, and gifts ofvalue, onely forhis owne feruants and children, he belloweth this ciuill and morali wifdome, as a common gift bothvpon the godly and the reprobate, as appeareth in theexample ofeflchitophel, who though he were defperatelywicked,as wemay plainly fee in that curled counfell which he gaue toe.4bfolon, yet had re- ceiued from God fuels a large meafure of thisgift ofciuill wifdome, that he was not only thought meet to be a chicle z.Saut.tó.:3. counfeller to Dauid, but the counfell which heFame in theft daies, moat efleemedatifonehad askedcounfaileat the oracle of god:fowasall thecounfell ofu4chitophelboth with Dauid and with e fbfelon. And the likemight be faidofmany others, which for breuitie Iouerpaffe. Againe, that the Lordefiee- tneth and regardeth not,thefe great Pol i titians who arewife Iob 37.4. in their owneconceits, Elihu plainly faith it, andGodsdea- ling withthem as plainlyproueth it ; forbeing to gather vn- tohimfelfeafeleéi multitude, whereoftomake his Church, and feruants ofhis owne familie, whom he will fanéiificin this life, and faue, glorifie andcrowne with eternall happi. neffe in thelife tocome;he pa'feth by thefegreat Politicians, and vouchfafethnot to call manyofthefe wife menafter the r.Cor.r z6 flefh, as the Apofile affi rmeth, but leaning themto enioy their