Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

That worldly wifdoweandpolicie ie to becontemned, 75 their glorie, ofbeing counfellers to Princesand Potentates ofthe world, which they moli defire and value, he maketh them none ofhiiscounfaile, but keeping all bisfecrets dote from them, he reuealeth them to filch as theyeflecme babes Matth.11.z5. and fooles. And therefore feeing the Lord fobafely eftee- meth ofworldly policie,let vs(making his infinite wifdome the rule according towhich we are to conforme and fquare our iudgement) learne allo to fcorne and contemne it ; and labour after that fpirituall and diuine wifdome, whichwill make vs wife veto God, and further our glorie and euerla- flinghappineffe. But this may further our contempt of this worldly will 4seii,s. dome, ifweconfider that itis not onelynot good, or ofany Mat the diuell worth, but alfo corrupt and exceeding culli. For fir(}, ifwe is the author of will deriue the pcdegreeofit, we fhall find that it is more sortdlywile_ ancient then noble, thediuell himfelfe being the father and dome. full founderofit c for the Apofile lames plainly tellcth vs, that this `worldly wefedome which defcendeth not fromabcue, is Iames 3.15... earthly, fen/raalland dine/bib. Earthly,becaufe it mindeth only earthly things, and maketh vs neuer to forecall how after we depart from the earth we may come to heaven : fenfuall, not only becaufeitbeleeueth nothing,but that which is Cub- iedt to the fenfes, or may be demonfirated by carnalireafon, but becaufe it altomoueth men to pamper themfelues in fen- fuall delights, and voluptuous pleafures; as thinking that there is no other Paradife but the earthly Eden; and diucl- lifh, becaufe it came from the diuell as the firfl author, and iscontinually taughtby the fame fchoole.mafler; and will altobring then to the diuell whcvfeand praElife it, vnlcffe theypreuent their damnation by vnfainedrepentance. But that wee maymore plainly perceive that this curled 4,Se17.6 childc doth not degenerate from this wicked parent, ifwee Worldly wife- confider. further ofit, we (ball finde that it exceedingly re- domerelcmhtr,/h fembleth him in the very countenance. For firfi,as the diuell saran in mold -_ with ref itefull malice o oféthhirnfelfe againil the maie- Lt0`4 onno¡rag P 1 P n a s¡r,ff 6od.. file :fo this worldly wifedome beinghis offering,, g taketh the fatherspart, and oppoleth it Idle with likema- lice againfl the wifedome ofGod. For fo the Apoflle faith, that.