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asessmomminimpiimil 76 That werldlyVoifdemeandpolicieis to becontemned. Rom.8.7. that the trfedome ofthe fefh is emnitieWith God. And con- trariwife the wifedomeofGod oppofeth againfa the wife- domeofthe world,and fo detefleth it,thathe cannot abide that there fhould be any mixture thereofwith his fpirituall wifedome,in the workeofhisminiflerie, whichhe hath or- dained for the gathering ofhis Church,and for their edifi- cation in the holy faith. So theApofile faith,rhat Clori/ifest 1.Cor.1.17. him to preach the giofpell, not with wifedome ofwords, left the crop ofChriflfhould be made ofnose efea. That hispreach- ingfl*adnot in the enticingfjieech ofmanswifedome, but in the plaineeuidenceofthe fJirie andpower,and that hedidnotfpeake r.Cor.z.ç.ç. thewifedomeofthis world,nettherof ehe`Prince:of thisworld &c. Which come tonaught, but the wifedome of God, which noneof thePrinces ofthis world bath kZnolbne, &c. And byreafonof this oppofition, the one doth notallow andapproue of the other,but interchangeably cenfure and condemne one the other ofineere follie. So the wifedome of the world iud- gethofthewifedome ofGod; for the Apofilefaith,that the i.Cor.1.t8.2.3. preachingofthe Gofpell is to them thatperifh, and to the wife Grecians,efieemed foolifhnes : and therefore when Chrifîs worldly kinred heard him in his fermonsdeliuer this fpirituall wifedome fromhis Father; they went to lay hold Mar.3a1, onhim,becaufe they thought himout othiswits. The rea- fon hereofis,becaufe worldlywifedomecan rellifhnothing, but that which is fubiea to the fenfes, or may bee demon- firated by carnall reafon; to which rules Gods wifedome fubmitteth not it felfe, but oftentimes foareth an higher picch,fpeaking and doing things which are betides, aboue, and contrary to Naturall reafon, that the infinite depth and power thereof may better àápeare. 'lb this purpofe one faith,that there is another wifedome of theflee), which being s.fer.zapagedvp with 'orldÿreafon, doth deny that any thingcanbe 4 SeE1.. done,ofwhicha naturall reafon maynot begiuen, and therefore That the wife- it skprnethandderideth the myfíeriesofreligion. dome So contrariwife the wifedome ofGod condemneth the world itfollb- wifedomeofthe world ofmeerefoolifhnes : for fo the Apo- oses with God. (Ile faith, that the a wifedome of the world is foolifhnes with a r.Cor.3.12. god. And the reafon is,becaufeit is alwaiesmixt with linty, Pfal.ç.4.y. 7 which