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That worldly Vifedomeand'Wideistodecontemned .- 7î whichGodefieemeth the greateft follie; whereofit is that vfually in the Scriptures finne is called by the nameof h fol. h 1.Sam.13.13 lie,and (inners are termed fooles. Thus theProphet conclu- .z.Sam.r3.i j. c and deth that they are fohfl, that doe not know the way of the Pro.r4.9. Lord,and that there is nopoflibility that there fhouidbeany o lere.q.4. and wifedome in them that reie .the word of God: d they haue d cap.s.9. (faith he)reiea5led the wordofthe Lord; and what wifedome is e Proa.7. ooles, who Sa tiema!um in them ?And the Wifeman faith that they areof p de i ewi edome and ir. ruïlien, that is, the feare ofthe Lord fa non eft, f f Ì , and true godlineffe, as he there expoundeth it. To thispur- grad. pofe onetaith,that to be f vntoeutllis to play thefoole. And humil. another afñrmeth,that thisfalfe wifidome is truefollie.And in stutriria vera truth what is moréfoolifh then togaine the world,yeaTome tia.Au4de fmall trifles in theworld, and to lofe a mans foule ?then to Epic.@ stoic. embrace carnali things,and contemne fpirituall;to exchange traa.cap.s. for earthly and momentanie vaniti'es,our heauenly inheri- tance, and that eternall waight ofglorie ? whatmore abfurd then with ouermuch wifedome to ioy in a mans felfe ofhis owne faluation,aud bywilful! finning to call a mans foule intohell,fór thegaining of that which hee is euery day in danger to lofe? the which follie who fo will not acknow- ledge here,that he may forfake it,fhallbe fure to confeffe it, in hell fire, with bittergriefe and horrible anguifh, as it is Wifd.t.4.5.Etc, notablyfet downe in the bookeofWifedome. Let vsthere- fore in time embrace thisfpirituall and heauenly wifedome, and reietfand hate that which is worldly and carnali, for fuch contrarietie there is betweene them, that they cannot be reconciled nor ioyned together. To thispoint one fpea- keth fitly : lf(faithhe) thou lbouldefl6e accounted thef eitfeof Chr:,what haft thou todoe with thewifedome oftheflefh,which is emnitie with God? wouldeft thou reconcile thisemnitie, and haue in thee both the wiredomeof the f efh andof thef irit ? a little 'careen f wreth theWhole lampe, andhowmuch more when Poteßperimi the leauen is much, grad the lumpelittle? whatfellowfhip is there atpenitt:a non between the lawofconcupifcence, and the lawofcharitie ? that fit, nonpenit ought not to be ioynedwith this,becaure at willnot befubtelt toit: premi Vt ei cas- for the lbifedomeof thefiafh either re/ifleth the lawofGod, and tefeeraturafir. fa isanenemie,orveterl eri eth and commeth tonothin ; ei- GIInbert.fup. yp g t her