Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

78 That worldlywifedome andpolicie is to be contemned. Cherit refs;ieth,orere wholly defrfeth ; it maybe de.rayed, that it may ceafè to be, but it cannot be keptwider that it /bould obey;&c. 4.Sel1.8. Secondly,whereas Satan is the fatheroflies,and thechief w,rlruywife. author of difflmulacion, trecherie and treafon; thisworldly domeooynrd wifedom is a compounded monfter ofall this hellifhbrood. with lr:n and For who leech northat worldly politicians doc fo accuflome 'month. their tonguesto fpeake vntruths,that lyingmay feeme tobe their naturali language, feeing they fpeake it with loch fa. cilitie ?that they plaice a great part oftheir policie,in naa- king their tongues and hearts fo to differ the one from the other,that a man by their fpeeches (hall ieafl ofall geffe at their meanings? andwere it not that like the diuell their fchoolemafier,they did in policie fometimes fpeake truth, that theymay y better gainecredit whë they lic,youmight as well know the meaningoftheir words by aDi6tionarie ofcontrarietie,as by that whichnaturally theyfeeme to fig- nüie. Finally, that they account him but an heauie headed fellow,and little better then a foole, who is open hearted, and fpeakcch as hee thinketh. Whereinwhat doe theyelfe butperuert the courfe ofnature, and ioynewiththediuell againfl God? for whereas hee bath purpofely made the tongue to bee the interpreterof the mincie and heart, they make it to deliuer their meaningsas. it were in anvnknowne language which cannot bee vnderflood, and to glue darke riddles in ficad ofplaine rcfolutions? and what doe they elfehereby but proclaime, that their wifedome is not the wifedome of God, feeing her month ffieaketh the truth,and herlips abhorre : 'ickZedneffe,bur thewifedome ofthe old Ser- pent, who being oppofed vnto God, taketh delight in lies and falfehood? §.Seîi`.g. So alto they ground theirpolicies vpon diflimulation,de- Worldly wife- ceitand fraud, which haue great afînitie with the former, domegrounded and are able todoe little without her helpe. And hereby vpon drAmala- theymake faire weather, when they intend a forme (hall tien and deceit. follow,theycarrie two faces vnderone hood,making Phew ofloue where they mortallyhate,&mile vpon thofe whom they deft= to kill, like their predeceffor Laub, who fiabbefl d while lro.8.7.8;