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114 Ofbeantis. t.5ami6.6. uponthat the Lords annointed waa beforehim; yea the Lord himfelfe is Paid to take pleafure in the beautie ofhis Church; vntowhom nothing agreeth that is euill, not fomuch as by anallegorie or fmilitude. §.Sec`i.z. Beautie therefore being goodmay be moderately loued What isregeai. and efteemed, when it is in a good and vertuous fubieel, the red to snake outward beautie ofthe bodie, and the inward beautieofthe toevsygoodva-mind being ioyned together: Peeing ithelpeth to adorne Granordrpul- venue to the outward fenfe, and caufeth it to be accepted ebro veniens in withmoreapplaufe and liking, when it is found in beauti- cosporevirtus, full bodie, then inone il-fauoured and deformed ; euen asa adi: uat.virg precious iewell is more gracedwhen it is kept ina rich cabi tl'aeidlib, p net, then in an vnfeemely box. As alto when it is well vied by thole that haue it, that is to fay, when frft it isnot too much affeéted and vnnaturally forced:towhich purpofe one 8ernardlib. de faith, that atanartiftn ìoarkethbetterwhen he bathfit matter ordinevim,. towork! vpen ;f alfamodes`tiedotWhinemoreclearely, when it it in a comelybodie:yet f ,that this beautieofthebodtebenot too notchaffelted,6ut naturall,frmple andneglected, rather theno- fferearneffsy defired: norfupportedand helpedwith otterpreti- ereandgloriouagarments,dntwithfilchasareordinarie,thatfo neitherany thingbewanting torreceftie and hone1 comlinefe norany thingadded tocleanelyneatneffe. Secondly, when it is ioynedwith modelheand friamefalines; for nothing ismore oppofed to vertuous beautie, then immodeflieandbold im- pudencie.Thirdly,ifthe beautie ofthe.bodie bean effeetuall reafon to moue them that haue it, to a more diligent care of adorning their minds with verme and truepiety,and to keep a.vigilant watch ouer all their adtions,thac they donot com- mit any thing foule and faulty, misbefeeminginch abeauty. ZuciuidpuleiusAnd thus the wife Socrates is laid to haue perfwadcd his deIdaya.lib.1. fcholcrs, that they fhould often looke themfelues in their glaffes,that he who was pleafed & delighted with his beau- tie, might earnefily indeuour not to difgrace the dignitie andcomlineffe ofhis bodie with euill conditions; and that hewho found himfelfeil-fauoured fhould f rive tocouer his deformities with his vertues and good manners. Towhich ptirpofe ally an ancient Father demandeth, e,4rtthon (faith he) ..