Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Beautiefettered¡rom vertue, it tobe contemned. 115 he) ofexcellent beautie? why then let it moue thee to this care, Eximiaforma that the beautieofthy mind may beofanfreerablebrightneffe to eri ?idagat,vt thebeautte ofthy bodie. Finally, this beautie is vied aright, antuimipulchri- do,tr when as we do not ref+ in it as being fraile and momentanie, putthtietudinoris i but vfe it as a little fireame to condudi andbringvs toGod jpiendore re_ the fountaine ofall beautie andgoodnelie; and be mooned ondear. zen thereby to this meditation, that ifa fparke ofthisbeautie Maximum. in imparted to the creature, worke fuch loueand admiration; then howmuch more is that infinite flame ofbeautie in our Creator, from which this is deriued, to be admired andlo- ued ! Ifthisheavenly Sun reflet1 a fhadow fo full ofbright- nefie vpon earth and clay, then how infinitly glorious is he in his owne nature andperfeélions !.Finally,ifwe efleeme it a part of our earthly happine(fe to haue our felues and neerefi friendsadorned with this beautie; then how much more happie (hall weebee, whenbeing in thole hcauenly ioyes, we (hall not only our felues exceed theSun in thefir- mament inbeautic andbrightnes; but alfo fhail hauethevi- lion and fruition ofour graciousandgloriousGod, in cottt- parifonofwhole purity the heauensare filthy and vncleane, and in regardofwhofe infinitbeautie and glorie, the Suinte it felfe is grof a darknefl'e, and the moll excelling beautie in heauenorearthbut meere deformitie? And thus haue I (hewed that beautie in it owne nature is 4.Sea.3. good, and agift and bleflìng ofGod to thofe who haue altoaeautieoftbe a right vfe ofit : eúen as contrariwife deformity isin it owne bodiew thout nature euill, as being a fruit of fin; and therefore fuch as theheaptieef the mivditof were crooked, lame, orblemifhed,are byGodforbidden to no worth. offerhis facrifices. But if we confider it as it is in our natureLeu.zr.19.zo. corruptedwith fin, it is not abfolutely good,but to be num- bred among things indifferent, the which (as all other the benefits ofprofperitie) ismore often abufed, then well vied, and fobecommeth vntovs, through the maliceofour fpiri- tuall enemies an inducement vnto finne, and the groundof many dangerous tentatiôs. And thus this gift ofGod is abu- fed, whenas we refs in it alone, and content our felues with this fhadow.negie&ing the fubfiancc, vertue and true god- line(le, and thinking itenough to haue beautiful( bodies, I z though