Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

Bea ttie f steredfro>n truevertae4 to beoontemaed. t 2 s made wantonly delicate, fo as they could not endure the pinesofcliming the highhill ofvertue, noroftrauelling in the Wait andaffli6led wayoftruc godlineffe, but rather de- fire togodowne theeale- declininghill ofvice,and to walk in the plaine and faireway that leadeth to defiruaion: and thole whom it bath not ouercome, it baththoroughly exer- cilidall their flrength in makingreGftance;andvery valiant- ly haue they behaued themfelues in this confli&t,ifthey haue not had in theway ofvertuemany rubs, and rcceiucd many foiles.To this purpofe onefitly faith,that theyecho hastebeau_ tie,haue aseaterfor theireyes, ajnarefor theirfeet,andhirdlrme for theirwings; f at theycannot eajily difeerne the truth, nor dials. followvertue,norflre aloft taheauenly meditations: and many bath it made barren in the duties ofpietic, flopped in the courfcofvertue, and turned afideinto the by-pathsofvice : in refpe&ofwhichvnfruitfulnefl'e in goodnefle, thebeauti_ full perfon is compared to the tall faireoake,whichbringeth only acorncsforhogs; and they who want it, andare indu- cd with the beautie of the mind, are likened to the vine, Chryfollin which.beingdeformed infhape, bringeth grapes and wine fit for kings. The truth whereofwil moreclearely appeare in Tome par- 4.Secl:13, ticulars : for ifwee takea viewofformer times and ofour srautieaud . owns daies, we !hall find that beautie and chaflitie are often chanitiefet+ at oddes,and do feldome dwell together, not becaufe thofe domernecte .- grtSab: r.. who arebeautifull maynot be in theirownenature and in- ra ;!Jade. clination as chat}as others, if(as I Paid before) they doe not concordia f r- mollifieandefleminat their minds with horb and daintines, owe, atq pudsci- and fogrow light andwanton in their defies; but becaufe ria- .tuuenal. theyare more x e pofcd P Cunoperacuto ly wickedmen, whoare let on firewith their brightness andmaguo cuftedi- allured to lull with the bait of their beautie. Now that is tut quodmuftis moll hardly preferued, which is offomany loucd and delivP14"1. red,efpecially when it cannot behidden, but isfubieé} too- pen view,like vnto a t ich treafure which iscarried vncouered Depredari deft - by the high way fide, which offereth a kindofviolence-to delat, qai the- their delires that fee it, and caufeth them to offer violence to faurgminb[ice theowners, and to feaze vpon by force, that which had firfi iuviapout, fcazcd Greg";