Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The Contents. s. 6. Thatdlthefaithfull harm from time to timecontemned the world. 828 CHAP, III. ofthe ioyes ofheauen,that they are ineffable and inconceì- uable,andofthenames and titles which in the Scrip- tures aregivenvnto them. §. T. That Chr/ianraremuch to preferre heavenbefore earth, in regard that it is their owne countrey. 83t §. 2. That it is impoffible to defcribe the ioyes ofhealsen in anyper- feÊlion. °33 §. 3.What the ioyes ofheauen are, andof thenames, andtitles, which in theholy Scriptures aregiseenvatothem. 837 CHAP. Text. Of the happineife ofthe foule in theioyes of heaven, and wherein it conf(leth. §.I. That alldefeflr andwants in the foulefball be perfectly (ap- plied. 840 §. 2. That thefoulefball befreedfromallcorruption, andfirli,the vnderflandingfrom iónorance andcuriofilie. 842 §. 3.That ourwile fballbe Peed from their pernerfeneffe, andbe maleconformable tothewi/1ofgod. 843 §. 4. That our memoriesand confciences'balhaue in themno im- perfellion orcorruption. 846 §. 5. Oftheexcellent faculties andqualities wherewith ourfoules fballbe beautifiedandadorned. 848 CHAP. v. Ofthe fpeciall happineffe and feliclrleofour bodies in the kingdomeofheauen. S. I.Thatwefhallbefreedfromallbodily wantsandg-reeuances, as humerand thirft. 849 S. 2.Ofotherworldlywants fromwhich our bodies f/sallbe freed. 851. S. 4 Of