Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The Contents. 5,3, ofthemanifold evils from which our bodies /hall he deli- vered. 852. 5.4. Of thegood things whichJimabe communicated to our bo- dies. AndfirftJ oritreallqualities. 853 §.5. Offente [pirituall qualities wherewith our bodies "ball be adorned. 856 5.6.7-hat oar bodiesIballbe induedwithgreatfirength,andfleed Peonfuf'ering anyhurt. 858 5.7. That oarbodies¡hall bebeautifull andof a comely feature andproportion. 859 §.8. That our bodies" beihiningandglorions. 860 CHAP. VI. Of the felicitieand bleffednes ofthewholemanbodie and foule,conGfting in freedome from all euil, and in the fruition ofall good. 5.I. That me ¡hall no morebe molefted ìbith our turbulentafe- ¿lions. 863 §.z. That ìbe"hallbefreed"rem all impotencieand/inne. 8(5 §.3. That in our heavenly happine/!ewe(ball be freed fromal ex- ternal!eui!s, as painful! labour,wickedcompanie,and the affaultsofallenemies. 866 ;.4. Reafns to proone that the ioyes ofheamen mug acedes be moll excellent andblefed. 868 CHAP. VII. That inheauen we íhall abound with all happinesboth in refpel ofour perlonsand eflates. And that there are degreesofhappineffe. 5.t. That the imageof Ged"hallbeperfeïly repairedinvs.87a §. z. That the ioyes ofheauen(hall fillvs without glutting, and fatiate vs withoutloathing. 873 5.3. That thefe ioyesJhall be me excellent in regard of the things aboutvs. 875 §.4. That thereare dinersdegrees ofglorieand happtnea in the kingdameofheauen: thewhich it firflpreened by teffi_ 11 monies