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The Contents. nies ofScripture. §.5 Dicers reafons toprom that thereare diners. degrees f glatie, 879 CHAP. VIII. That heauen is a place moll glorious : andofourblefíed focietie with the Saints,Angels,and our . Sauiour theheauenofheauensfllallbe theplaceof ourhappi- nege,which is moll beautifulíandglorious. 88 §.2.Ofthe greatfelrcitie a-hick lèeefhaIl haue in thefocietie f the Samts and e/Pngels, 886 §.3. Whether ."e(hall in heauen lt.notu oneanother. 887 5.4. That aaAnabe agreat part ofour heauenlyhappineffe to cuioy the companyofour SauiourChrifl.. 889 CHAP. IX. Ofthe fruition ofGod, andof thofe vnfpeakcable ioyes which willarife from it. §.i. That as theLord is the antbar,foalfo the chiefematter of our heauenly ioyes. $9 1 S.2. That all lay and happineffe accompanieth our finition of God, as being theperfel-lion andaccomplifhment ofthem all.' §.3. That thefruition ofGodmullneeds be theperfeHian ofo9ur ioy,feeine allgoodnefe,beautie andexcellencie, is contai- nedandvettedinhim.. 895 §.4, That all the heauenly ioyes, tbithout thefruition ofGod, couldnot makevs perfeçily happie, 899 CHAP. X. Ofthevifion and fight ofGod,andofthat communion, which we.lhall haue withhim. §.I.Wherein.the vision of God chieflyconftfleth, andthat it is notadamefight, as in this life, but a cleereknorrledgeof him. 990 S.2. Th«tatar oo .ofgadfballkfpirituall, andhowfarforth we