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6 Ofthe mahgnitieoftheworld. waters,becau(e they hauenetkept Gods lam. The likeanmay be laidofall other creatures in the world, abufed by Satan and his wicked imps,as baits to allure vs vnto finne; which are tobe contemnedand loathed, not in their ownenature, but in refpeél of the abufe only, as afterwards shall ap_ peare. CHAP. IL Of :benatureandgnalitieofoser enetnie theworld.. .Se,r. Nd thus haue I !hewed what the world is,and as That theworld n it were haue tingled ourenemiesout ofthe corn- is eKiGandwit- C panic ofour friends; left our loueofthcfefhould kedinit fe/fr, _ flackenand abate our zealous courage in oppo- yeeldingobe- finsagain(f our mortali foes; or our hatred ofthofe fhould thence toSatan, makevs to diflike and hate ourwet-del ruingfriends.In the as the prince next place we will confider of the nature and qualifieofour thereof; encmie; and then thew his weapons andforces whichhee vfeth in thisfight, that fo wee mayknow thebetter how to auoidhis furie,and to armeour fclties againi theencounter. And for the (leering of the former wee will briefly thew what the world is in it felfe,and then refpeéliuely what it is to vs. In it felfe,the Scripture faithofit,that it is euill,yea fo Gal.r 4. euill,that Chrifl lefns fpared not to giue his ownemofl pre - cious.blood, todeliuerhis feruants out of this fpirituall E- gypt :and left wee fhould thinke that this euill bath but a littletaintedit, or that it is corrupted but in part only, the :.Iob 5.19. Apoffle lohn tellethvs, that the whole world lieth in wic- kednes,not alittle fprinkled ordipped,but Courted and funk into adeepe and bottomlelie guileoflinne.Thewhich will. more ,manifeflly appease if wee confider that this wicked world,likea rebellious traitor, hath denied and refufed to haue the Lord and great Creator of heauen and earth for his Soueraigne and King, and will not yeeld anyobedience vntohis lawes and commandements, but contemneth his promifes and rewards, as alto his threatnings and punifh- ments..Andcontrariwifc hash ubmitted himfelfc co Sarart as