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Ofthemalignitieof the nvrld. 7 as his prince and gouernour, yeeiding obedience vnto his will,and fubiedïinghimfelfe to beruled by the lawoffinue, for the wages of worldly vanities, as pleafures, profits,and preferments. Whereof it is that in the Scriptures the diuell is called then prince ofthe world,and the b goucrnour ther- . ioh.r5.35. of; not bccaufe he is indeed the rulerand gouernour ofhea- and 16.1r. uen and earth, to diCpofe ofall at his pleafirre ( for this is EPEhpchfef . 6:. Gods royal! prerogatiuc,whofe flaue and vaffal! Satan is,and r a. Ephe(.z.z. forced to doehis will when he moll oppofeth it)but becaufe he ruleth in the childrenof difobedience,hautng them al- waits c readie as his denoted bondflauesto do his will :who ° z.3 ím.z,a6. are called the world,becaufe they let their hearts and affe- Eiions vpon it; it being the nature of loue to transforme as much asmay be the louer into the natureof the thing belo- ued,and fo to denominate the oneaccording to the name of the other. Yea he not only as a-king ruleth their outward aeiions, but alto in their hearts and confciences, caufing them to yeeld voto him free, willing and abfolute obe- dience : and therefore he is alto called thegod oftbe world, 2..Cor.4.4. who with his mitts of falfehood blindeth the eyes of infi- dels and worldings, fo as theycannot fee hisvghe ñíthiues and palpablelies, nor the diuine puritie and excellencie of their Creator,and the glorious light of his truth. And as the world yeeldeth this fubic6iionvntoSatan as 4.Seii.2. hisking and foueraignc,fo an it maketh choiceof him for That thewild hiscaptaine and chicle commander, receiuing his coloursk4f trrhvneer and cognizance,marching vnder his condu6,and fighting Gadn °g°,rR vnder his fianderd with like inveterate malice,both again(} God himfelfe, and all his Church and children. Againfi God the world oppofeth with fuchdeadly and implicable hatred, that it is impofiible for any to a adhere unto the a r.Toh.z.15. world, but bee mutt neceffarilybe diuided fromGod;nor b ferue it, but hee mull negicól and difobey the Lord; nor b Matth.6.24. c loue it,but God and hemutibeatemnitie.Neither doch lanai 44. it onelyoppofe againfl the diuine nature, but alloagainft curry perfon of the Deitie; it rebelleth again(! God the Father andCreator,by refuting to ferue himas his creature, but concrariwife difobcyeth his will, and defperately trie- g 4 dieth