Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

8 That theworld;samaßdangerous anemia. ûeth all his commandements, yeelding voluntarieobedí_ áloh.r.rr. ence to his arch -enemie the diuell; it d receiueth not the Sonne Iefus Chria as it SaukourandRedeemer,but treadeth vnder fooee hisprecious blood,andmakethbut a mocke of Ieh.i4.17. all his fiifíerings, neither doth it a receiue the holy Ghofl the fanólifiet;but checkethall his motions,anc ,fcornethall his fanólifying and fauing graces, preferring before them worldly toyes andbalevanitiesofno value.Needs therefore mull the world be exceeding wicked, which fubmitteth it Idleto bee ruled and guided by that wicked one Satan; needs mull it be outragioufly euill,whichpurpofely and nia- litiouflyoppofeth it fclfe againfi God the authorand fain. tame ofall goodneffe.. §;Sell, 3, And thuswe fee what our enemie is in himfelfe:now to That the world vs he is exceeding dangerous;for he is fo malitioufly fubtile, i,a mo(l daage- fo treacheroufly cruell, and armed with fuch forces and poi: roascousit. suer, that vnleffe theChriflian man bewell fitted with the fpirituall armour,and mightily t+rengthenedand defended with the fpirit ofGod, hceis Cure either tobeevanquif aed and ouercome,or elfe to receiue fhamefall foyles. This dam ¡Wanda; ergoell ger is by one thus defcribed : There (faith be) is theworld, v.5t mantle plu- whereat there ismuchmalice, little wifedome, where.all thing: rimum,vbi(a- are lemie and catching, all thingsflimie andßipperie, all things pientiamodi. cowered withdarkneT, and6e f t withfnares; wherefoulesare ea mea :endangered and bodies a elled, *here all is venitie andaffi. Bernard.. Ilionofjpirit. Anotherfaith,thatthew,rldecpitch,whichde.. Wog° nloslae,flesh thole who came neere it . web the leaf isbird. de (cienrlb en leme,whtch intanglethhisadmirers withfinandeterna/ldeath; ritn.fol.i8. it is afnare,which ibith his pleafoeresand riches, asit were offe- red baits,allureth andcatcheth vnrearie men,anddrawer's them with it into the net ofdefrtllion : and therefore impoJbleit feemeth tometh et hee who liteeth according to thelanes of the world,Jhould page array hencepureandundefiledfrom thefilth ofthe world. Inrefpe& ofwhich danger the world is fitly compared to a perillous lea, in which howfoeuer fume cfeape (hipwrack,yet none elcapeth danger. For withvaine hopes as with a profperous gale ofwinde,menare allured to boyfe vp the falles oftheir defires, and to enter into this pe. rillous