Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

16 That theworldis amoll dangerous enemie. worldsdenotedvaffals and fworne fouldiers, waged by him to fight continually again(+ the kingdome of IefusChrift ; andnot to fpeakeofthe whole kingdom ofthe RomifhAn- tichrifl, whore whole religion is nothing elfebut a mixture offuperftition, hypocrifie, andworldlypolicies, ofpurpofe inuentedand contriued,that theymayattaine-their worldly ends,and maintaine theirglorie and authoritie, inrich their chefls,and wallow themfelues in the filthie finite ofvolup. tuous pleafures ; euenamongl+ ourfelnes who haue giuea our names to Iefus Chrif+, and doe make profeffion ofhis holy Gofpell; how manyare there,who hauing in their bap. tifine taken vpon them thebadge ofChriftianprofeflion,do make apoftafie from their faith, and in the whole courfe of their hues thew, that they are profeffedworldlings, ferning this wickedmailer with all theirthoughts, words& works, for the wages ofworldly vanities; minding onely earthlie things, and their cogitations andhearts fah glued unto the ground, fo as theyhaue neuer any leifure to lift them vp in any holy and heauenlymeditations; talking of nothing but of their worldlybufineffes anddelights, and how theymay compaffe & atchieue their worldlydefignes; and all theirad+ionsaiming atthis.markehowtheymay in- creafe or continue their=riches,-pleafüres or preferments? Howmanyare there (who not daring forfeareofthat hel- Ii!}t condentnation,whicb they heare isfo terrible,to glue themfeluesouer wholly to theferuice ofthe world) do not- withflanding vnequally (hare themfelues betweene God and Mammon, giuiug the world their hearts, yea and their bodies too,fauing that they doe anhomeor two in a week, make (as it were) a tender ofthem to the grand Lord,offe- ringvnto him the fmall pepper corne of their outward de- _uotion,forfeareofforfeiting the tenure of their faluation? Howmany difguized hypocrites are there, who or veto Godmoreferuice, but with as fmall deuotion, and profef- fing religion,oftentimeswith thew ofzeale more then or- dinarie,doenotwithflanding - fecretly reconcile themfelues vnto theworld, fwearingvnto hini theiralleageance for the hireofeatthly trifles?who offervnto.the Lord only the fa- rif r cce