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IS Regan!movingvt tofight againft theworld. name: for as for the natureofthe world,what it is, and the dangerous effeéls which it worketh,theyknow it not,much 'effe doe they with any care furnifh rhemfelues with fuch fpirituall weapons asmight enable them to fight again(} it. Whereofit commeth topaffe that they are vanquifhed by the world at vnawares,and liue in fubieciion to this dange. rous enemie,and neuerfede the burthen oftheir bondage, becaufe it is fwecte and pleating to the flefh. CHAP. III. Reafons to mouevs to refillandfight againfl our enemie the world. §.Sel1. i. Nd thushaue Ifhewed the dangerouf es ofthis God common.. enemie,both in refpeCt ofhismalice and power, deth vs toor- by the fira whereofis inferred the neceffitie of pole againfl the ° the fight; for fuch is hismalice that hewill hear- avorldo ken vntot o peace,but ifwewill notouercome him,he will furelyovercome vs; by the other carnali fecuritie is taken away,and wee furred vpwith all diligence to prepare our (cluesagaina the encounter; feeing wee arenot to fight a. gainaa weake and contemptible enemie,butagainft apoli- tikeandpowerful' champion, with whom few haue corn- batted,but either they haue been fhamefuliyfoyled, or vr- terly ouerthrowne. But thatwe may the ratherbe incoura- ged to proclaimewarreagainfc the world, with which we are too tooprone in our owne corrupt nature tobein league and amitie, let the reafons following induce vs. Fira,the Lord hath by fpeciali commandement inioynedvs tohaue no amide orcorrefpondcncie with the world andworldly vanities,but to renounce and contemne it, both in our ac- tions,and alfo in our hearts and affe}ions, as being vnwor. thie both our labour and our loue. The former, Rom. I 2.2. 1;tom.rz.z. Fafhion not yourfelnes ltlze veto this world,but beye chançedby the renewing' ofyourmindes. And elfcwhere he willeth vs, to vfe this world ac though wee vied it not,as being a falfeand treacherous friend, who will decciue and betray vs when we