Downame - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.D76 C552 1611 v.2

The EpilileDedicatorie. (hewing that the wages ofiniquitiewhereby he inticeth men to leaue Gods ftandard, and to fight vnder his colours, is but bate and counterfeite coine, being examinedby the touchflone of Gods truth, and therefore not to be receiued ofa Chriftian for good pay ; much lefíe to be preferred before that crowne of vi6torie, euerlafting glorie, and thofe all-fuficient treafures of our heauen- ly kingdome, which God promifeth to all thole who fight his battailes, and valiantly ouercome. Neither did I thinke that I could more profitably fpend my ftudies in anyo- ther argument, efpeciallie in thefe times, wherein the loueoftheworld fogreatlypre- uaileth,that withDemas mendaily fall from the profelion of Gods truth, and imbrace theworld,hauing onely fo much loue ofre- ligion, as the loue of the world worketh in them; andeither not feruingGod at all, or onlythat they may ferue their owne turnes, in worldly and carnali refpeCts. For if by plaine teftimonies of holy Scriptures, and byeffeduall reafons (as itwere aproclama. tion Pent from thegreat kingof heauenand earth) 1 could criedowne the high rates and a 3 prices