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CHar.3. concerning Creation. both for the vfe and command of man. For his vfe were made the ft infenfïble things, Grafle , and Trees continu- ally fru6lifying in the Earth, the Surine, the Moone,the Starres, placed aboue the Cloudes,in the higìiefl Globe, in , or aboue the vpperrxmofl part of that extent , which Mofës calleth the o extent ofHeauen : that is to fay,that part of the extent tvhich is neerefl to the .Heauens , and furthe(l from the Earth, where the Element of Fire is r and thefe being the veffels , that now receiue and fend forth the Light ( which it feemeth moll probable the Fire is it before , for the Scripture fpeaketh of Light be- fore the Surine) haue in that placeofMofes a three-fold vfe af'lìgned to therm Firft,To di(linguifh Light fromDarkneffe, that is to fay, the naturali Day from theNight, Secondly, Tobee figues for the rioting out of times and feafons. A thing common to them all , as appeareth, !oh 9. 9.Where AR. CTVRtls ORION ,PLBIADES, and thePlanets ofthe hidden South , are vied to note out the parts of the Yeere , Autumne ,Winter , the Spring, and Summer. But this neucrtheleffe is proper to theSun and Moone, that by runningoftheir con paffe, they af- ter a fpeciall fort ruleand gouerne; the Sunne.thc Day.; and the Mooney the Night; and make the difference of eiuill Dayes, Moneths, and Yeeres. Thirdly, They (ernenot onely to enlighten the Earth, bu- by their influence, to refrefh and giue growth toall earthly bodies. For the command of men , were made the dumbe and vnreafonable Creatures, which yet haue a feníïtiue life and feelii.g. As in the Water,Fifhes;in the Ayre,Eirds;in the Earth, BeaRs, both going and creeping; all of them Male and Female,for the propagation of their kind. Those thattezchal- Hell is the lowe(i World,a foule $t In that Hell is no cer- fcareful place of punifhmen.r,made taynenorlocall place. for Angels and men that fhould F a trust.- n Gexr rr,11, r;,ra,r g,t.a 17,18,19. o