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CHAP . 4. of Prouideice. gasxe it into thinehand; thou 'hewedfi no mercie unto them : again." theold thoumadeI thy yoke exceedingheassie , c. "aids` , For euer I "hall bee Ladie : thou did]? nesser wisido theft things, thou rememdredfl not the endof it. Secondly,thefe etsill a&ions,as in regard oftheworke ofGod, are holy and righteous:for that which is a point of iufiice and rorall good, he thereby punifheth former finnes, and one wickednetfc with another , deliuering them vp, like a righteous Judge , to the lull and corrup- tions of their owne heart;and to Satans power,as to the Seriants and Executioners of his wrath ; that fo they lhould be tempted and led into new finnes, for thepu- nifhmcnt of their old, and byboth may agrauate their condemnation. This is it which he himfelfe faith, Ffal.St. i 3. Because my `I'eople harkenednot tomy voice,nor lfrael would none of mee, therefore difmil[edI them to the fancie of their owne heart, towalke after their owne counfell. And the Apoffle to the d Romanes,Therefore Goddeliuered them vp vnto the luflsof their hearts, untovncleaneneCe,to defile theirbodiet among themfelues, as thole which changed the Truthof God into a «ye,andworfhippedandferued the Creature,negletting the Creator.For thiscaufe Goddelivered themvitto vncleane afeElions:for their women changedthe naturall vfe into that which is contrarie to 'Valu;le. Likewiîe alfo the male,leauing the naturalvfe óf` the woman,burned in their lu"one towards another, MaleswithMales committing fil:hinefe and re- ceiuing in thernfelues the recompence which wasmeetfortheir errour. And as they regardednot to acknowledge God , fo Goddeliuered themvp vntoa minde vaide of all iudgement, todoe the thing( that were notfeemey, filled with all Vinrigh- teaufrefe, Malice, tYhoredonae e?c Thef.2.xT. .1ainc, 2. 2. For this casmfe (because they imbraeed not the loue of the Trtsth)Godwillfendvnto themeffenoderrors,tbat they should beleeue lyes,tI at all might be condemnedwhich beleetae not theTruth, buttakepleafurein vnrighteonfnefe.So Both the d Rom. r,t4,a5°,.; 2.6,=7,2.8,z94 .