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94 Thefrfi Booke ofDiitinitie, CHAP.4. the Lord our God in his moll iufí andprouidetit difpeti- e nveb.3.zi, fation , e fit a f urnbling blocke before them for their ruine, f 11'a149c:3. turning their inigrtitie vpon themfelttes, and f cutting them air through their owne wickedneffc. Thefe things confide- red , it will appcare , that howfoeuer wee fay with the Scriptures, that God powerfully worketh in a finfull a&ion, infuch fenfe as before was (hewed ; yet that no- thing impeacheth the puritie and vncorruption of his moil holy Nature, neither doth the leaf+tlaine or fpecke of vncleanneffe cleaue vnto him : ray, his wonderfùll Goodne% and Wifedome come herein to be admired, who both worketh good things by euill inflruwents,and maketh finne it fate to ferne vnto his glorie : So that al- beit finne bee euill of it fclfe, yet that there fhould be finne,it becommethexceeding good : Not that we reie& the terme of fuffering or permiflìon,which it pleafeth the Holy G!mnfi himElfe tovfe, as Row.9.22)23. For what if God willing to declare his wrath , and to maize his Power knowne, loath fttfferedwith much longfuffering theveflsof wrath,and alfo tomake k owne the riches ofhisglorie vpon Bits i4 tc. theveffels of rnercie?And in the g ACis,ln former Ages god fisffered all Nations towalke, in their ownewayes : But fo he is alto laid topermit that which is good. sand this will we doe,if God permit, faith the Apofïle to the Hebrewes, Chap. 6.3. The next thing to be confidered stoicks, whichima- in this Do&tineof Prouidence , is dine an absolute ne- ce{iitie of thins in the free difpenfation of Almigh- Nitore, and tie God tie God, who dealeth herein, as a to the fecond caules. foueraigne Monarch by his owne abfolute will and pleafure without any the leaff cotn- % pfkl.a35.6, pulfìon or neccflîtic : h Whatfoetier pleafeth. I E x o NTH, be doth in Heauen and in the Earth, in the Sea and in all Pfal.115.3. deepes. Onr i God is in 1leauen , he doth whatfoerter he pleafeth. Therefore hee is not tyed to the fecond nor inforccd by any Lorrainpower,but alwaies and in all things