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C taAr.4. Prouidertce. 95 things dealeth,according tohis ovwne good pleafure,how and which way he will ; by meanes,vw'ithoutmeanes, ad- nulling and making void the meanes, and la{lly, contra- rie and againfl all meanes : of all which wee haue many and plentifull teflimonies in the Scripture.Ofthe meanes, 2. ,Kings 14.27. Hee Rued them by the hands of I E R 0,- B o A M thefonne o f I o A s H. Iudg._2.0 6. Re rayfèd them vp Judges , which fated them out of the hands of their /J oy- ders; And its a thot.fand other pl ccs.Thcrcfore the coun- felsof God, and the inferior or fécond caufes {land well together,and crolfe not one another: but to negle& (how muchmore to dcfpife the fane ? ) when God giueth thee oportunitie, is not to:refl.vpon his Prouidence, but to tempt or trifirufi his Goodie ffc. Tee prouideth the e meanes for thee to tli.' end thou mayefl befafe; thou, in contemning' of it caflefi: thy felfe away his loue and kindncffecomiueth to bee admired , thy folly andnegli- gence is iuf+iy to bee condemned. PAUL k did not fo in the danger of his fhipwracCe, when being affured of the iffue that there fhr,trld bee no lofe ofany of their lines; yet telleti, t:,etn plainly, Except thefere Bayne in thefhrp, yee cannct befafe. M o s E s had good experience ofthe gra- cious condu& ofGod himfelfé,the perfeí`1 lethro of their voyage, Who by his Spirit , I and the m Angell of his pretence, led them gently, as a Beall downe a ffeepe Val- ley., in n a Pillar of a Cloud by day , and in a Pillar of Fire by night By o the note and mare whereof they Cooke their iourneyes,and by the note and marke where- of they made their {lands his E Aike, as a Harbinger, goingbefore, to finde aplace of real for them; yet how carnal that holy man of God is with his Father in law, whoknew all the turnes and windings of the vafl and huge Wilderneffe, to be a Guide : o condu& them in the way : 9 Leauevr not (faith lice) A befeech thee, feeing then knowef our camping places in the Defart, and thou 'halt bee rtr ejes veto vs.The Phyfici an is to behonoured for necef facie. k //Rs 272.2 . compared zväd the wife 31@ 1 Elág m Efay 63,9. n Exod.i3.aa. o írumb.9.18. p q