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96 The fill Boake of f'Diaisaitie, CHap.4. facie vfes : and the Lawyer to be retayned for the plea- dingofmens Caufes.Who wouldnot condemne a fonne, that in his fathers eutremitie lying ticke vnto the death, should, vnder pretenceof Gods Prouidence de[fitute hint of conucnient comforts for the fuccour of his life? r 4as 5.3839 And r Gamaliels found and graue aduice of letting the A- pa les alone, because ifthatconnfellorworkewere frommen, it worldcome to nothing; but i f fromGod, it couldnot beay- filmed, meant to repreffe Ryots and difordered tumults, if it be applyed to theMagistrates lawful] drawing ofthe Sword, forpreuentingof mifchieuous plots and purpo- fes, would proouevery impious and foolifh Logicke:for it is no argumentthat either mens labours and indulries íhould be needeleffe, or counfell and deliberationof fu- ture things friuolous, if all be decreedofGod,. The con - trarie whereof is rather true : for therefore he giueth vn- tovs the good things of this life, wealth,credit and au- thoritie,iudgement to fore-fee datagers,and wifedome to preuent them,reafon whereby to gather what may be for our profit, by confidering of things part, comparing of things prefent, and geflîng at things to come ; that all might be as meanes toferue his fecret Prouidence.Itwas IEJ?cr4.14. a worthy Meffage which Mordecai( fcnt vntoO. fier. Who knoweth whetherfor fuch a timeas this, thouart come t Pro.z:,z, vnto the Kingdoane ? And t S A L O M O N in his wifedome faith, The Wiseman forefeeth thetwill, andhided) himfelfe, but foolespale onandareptlni/hed. Againe, that it may the better appcarehow theiè tvvo,the Counfels ofGod,and mens confultations (as themeanes that het bath fan&i- u Pro,is,9 fled) are nothing at all repugnant; in m anotherplace he maketh them draw together : A mans heartadaifeth his way, and I E H o v Au eflablifhetbhitpace. But here wee muff rake heede of another extreme That inpreíttmption ofour felues, and ofthemeaaes wee bac, t.i6, r faerifice not toour owneNet arrogating the prayfe and glorie of the A6ion,whichGod alwayes referueth vnto him-