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CH A P.4. Of Prouàdexce. 97 himfelfe.Sharply doth the Lord(by his P,ophetr)eprooue the proud hing of A(hur in this behalic, and checke his in(òlent and winebraggcs, as if his ne arme had got- ten him the vi &orie.But Y whentbe Lordbath accomplfhed y Efay ßldkis work's vpon kforint Sion, and lerufalem,lwilívìft the fuit ofthe heart of theproted King of A/lar, and his glori- vas andproud looker 6ecaus f he['aid, By thepower of nine orme handbaue Idoneit: bccaufe Iam cafe, therefore Ihate rene.oued the borders of the People , and batte #eyled their treafares,andbaye pulled downethe inhabitants like avaliant man,andmine handbathfoundout as a ne,tl,the richesof the People ,andas one thatgatbereth Eggesthat are left,fohowl gatheredall theEarth,and therewas none tomount the firing,, or to open the mouth, or to chirpe. Shall the Axehall him felfeagainil him that heweth therewith ? &c, In t another z Efar ;r.Y. place hee denounceth a woe to them thatgee downe intoE- gypt for helpe,and leant vpon flores,which trofi in Chariots, . becaufe they be many, and inHorfmen beamfe they be ul- tiplyed, and loose not to the holy oneof Ifrael, norleek! m after I E H O V A H. As A alfo a religious and godlyPrince,is a taxed, that in his fickne(fehee fought not after I E H o- a 1.10_1316.32. y AH , but cleanedunto Phyfcians, God verily is to haue theprayfe, whatfocuerneanes he worketh by.But when he víeth vile,bafe & abie6t meanes,w hi chvpon the mat. ter is no tneanes at all; when he choofeth b thefoolifh things b 3.Cor,t. ',at of the World, to ¡harpe the wife , and theweak! things of the World, tofharne theProng, and the bate thingsof the World, and things ofnone acco tent, andwhich are not (to fpoakc of, in mens opinions) to adrull the things that are, then cloth his-glory more appearc. So he fai d c to Gideon,comming c Iudgei.c. at the firí} with a great Army to fight againti the Midia-- e nit's, Thispeople that are with thee, are too many formee to deliver the ciTíidianites into their hands : Leff lfi-ael take to bimflfeglory osier mer, faying, Minehand bath broughtme faluation, Anon, d when of all :that number a few men, d Per!? 7'. were left, he telleth him, By,tbefothree hundredmen will I H fane