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98 The frrji Booke of Diuinitie, C .4, facejai anddebater the Midianite: into thy hands. By this c 1.5470,14 .7. perfwafion a <onathan preuailkd with his Armour -bea_ rer,when they two were set vpon awhole Garrifon ofthe Philiflims. There isno let yteto I E H o V A H , bnt that he mayface with many, or withfew. A proofe whereof is eui- dent to bee feene,2.Chron.a4.24"where notwithulanding the Armie of ARA M came againJl I o A s H, with afew men yet I E H O V A H deligered into their hands at/ excee- dinggreat Armie , becaufe they hadforsaken I E H o v AH á ,Imos $.9. the God oftheir fathers. That off Amos is very memo- rable, He refreJbeth the difarefed againfl theffrong, that di- fireffe it felfe lhouldbeable toscale aFort ; that is men fo wonderfully fpenr and wafted ,as if weakeneffe and cala- g Ier.37.10 . mitie were to be feene in their faces. And g leremie bid - deth the Iewes notto dcceiue themfelues, as if all were well, becaufe the Chaldeans did a little glue backe; For thoughyouJbouldfrasite(faithhee)all the hoafi of the Chalde- ans that fought againflyou , fo as there were left among them but men thruf thorow,yetfh5nld they rife vp eateryman in hat Tent, and burns the Cciiewithfire. As to the fame Chalde- ans afterwards h he threatneth that thevery leaf? ofthe peke_Jhall theere them inpieces,And as he hirnfelfe is able to worke by (lender mean( s ,fo hee difappointeth the great, and mightic meones, bloweth vpon it, and maketh it vn iAbae.a.r3. profitable. /sit not (faith the Prophet i A B A c v x) from I E H O v A H of Hefts that the People labour in thefire, and k Pf 33.r5,í6. the Nations weary themfelues for nothing? And ti Dania] (hirnfelfe a King) A King is not fatted by the multitude of f#rengtb. ?he mightie ruse is not deliveredby themultitudeof power.AHorse is a vaine thing tofaue,andcannot deliver67 )Pvox 2ílit the multitude ofhis firength. After whom Salomon1 his fonne, a worthy graft of fo noble a Stocke , heire ofhis fathers Vertue, afwell as of his Crowne, led by the fame Spirit, fpeaketh in like fort, The HorJeis preparedagain}'f the dayofbat taile,but salvation cómeth from I E H O V A H. Pfa178.9,19 Take for example the in children of EP HRAlm , (va- liant