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102 Theflrfi Booke ofDiuinitie, C. H A P. 4. ppabout a rnan, that it is. notopened. Yea, Balm?: himfelfe was forced tovttcr as much, Nr n.2 3.19. Hath heefail, tt hike r, ;7. andfball he Met doe it ? Therefore the Angell faith , With x Rom.9.19. Cod nothing ú impfifble. And x the Apofile cryeth our, Who bath reffied his ßi11 i This is the reafon why the De- y Zach.6,i. crees of God are compared to v Mountaynes of brafe,for the firme and vnref(fable effe&}s they bring with them : For this caufe he is furnifhed with all meanes andpower to effet his counfels : he is called,The Lord ofHo. +is, and kath all the Hoff of Heauen and Earth at his command, % L1001;19 I few, faith Mica, = I E H o v AH fittingvpon húThrone, and All the Hall of Heauen flasding before him at hid right band and et hie left. Firli;are the holy Angels Colonelsand principal Come wanders in this Armic, whom he imployeth and fendeih forth, as a Mailer dothhis Seruants, to goo vpon hiser- rand, and toperforene all that he inioyneth them, Daniel to. I i, 1 z. The Angell tellcth theProphet , that bee wow fent enta him; becaufe hú torduwere heardbeforeGods And a Lake z.r9. inLsike a that he was Pent vtìto Zacharie, to utter vnto him the g'ad tydings of his Sonne. So it is anon added, b LirkeIz6 bin the fixt Moneth, way the Angell GABR I t 1. fera of Clad, to a OtisofGalile , named Nazaret, to the bleffed Virgin there. Therefore they are called Angels, that is to e thoi.7 ro.. fay ,Meffengers,and are Paid ' ta rniniflervnto him. This difpenfation ofGod,by the hand of his holy Angels, fer ueth afwell for the execution of his Iufiice,as for the de- claration ofhis Mercies. Thefe hefendeth forth,to bring his plagues and punifhments both vpon whole Countries and Cities,and vpon particular Perfons.So,1.Ghr. x5,15, God fent an Angell to lerufalem to deflrey it <., er.19.13. Two Angels werefont t o deflroySodom and f3omorah,2.Sam. 24.16, 17. An Angel Emote thepeople of Ifrael with a plague, whereof dyed threefcore and ten thoufand men. fl 4'41.35'05,6. And the Prophet prayeth in the Pfalme , d Let them bee ofr the chafebefore the trind,astd the 4ngell of I t H o y A H p,urfve