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CH A PA.. OfProuidestccv. I03 purfaethem.Thefe he fcndeth forth to be Minifiers ofhis . loueand fauour in the comforts of this life , both to the good and'bad,as it is recorded in the Gefpel, e That an Angelofthe Lordcame dangle anafet time,asdffirred in the water,andwh. ofoeuerfirfi went in after thefllirringofthe wa- ter was made whole,what difeetfe foeuer heldhim. Secondly,Not onely hee beareth vp his Mace in Hea- uen but hee carrieth it alfo inHell : for cuen the 7)milt thetnfelues, llruggle they neuer fo much,are forced to be fubie& to him,and to rune at his commandement.When thefinnes ofGod ( the elect Angels) came to relent them- fames before I E H o v A H,Satan alfo came amongff them, as it is in the booke off Iob.And g in another place,when he came to fet upon his Throne, the vncleane fpirits, will they, sill they, made vp a part of the Hoall of Hcauen, and were faine to offer their feruice to him. Thirdly,hc hath the heartsof all men inhis hands, fit- tingat the ílerne , and turning themhither and thither, whither-foeuer hee will,, as the Water-man doth his Whcrrie: As in. the perfon of the King himfelfe, whole affe&ions,ofall other are moll wauering and vncertaine: like veto the Riuers of waters,vvhen they are tolled with contrarie windes, as, h Salomongiueth vs to vnder(land. And in another ¡place, Manyfeeke theface of the ,ruler, best the lodgement of suer), one commethflan; I E H o v AH, bowing and bending the Rulers heart, : which way, it pleafeth him. He gtucth fauour in the eyes ofmen, as he didto k the Ifraelites in the fight of the Egyptians. And 'whoa I E H o V AH delighteth in the wales of a man , bee rnaketh(faith SAL o M o N )hir eerie enemies to beatpeace withhim. Againe,at his plealitre he taketh fáttour away, maketh rents and breaches difcords and diuiüons ; as bedid betweeue m Abimelech, and the men of Shechem. Hi ® defiroyeth thewifedome ofthe wale, and the vnderfian_ dingof theprudent that their counfell is not able to doe any fbin$.Therefore D A V i n° prayed , O I E B O V A x, H 4 urn, e loins 5,4, f deb i.6.& r,.s g T.I{irogs sz, Ì8,I9,to. h PY014.1I.i. ä Prou.29.s6, k Exod.;.tY,zs. 1 Frou.t6.7. m tudg.g.s,;. n ErLyz9.14. I.COr.I.19. o z.Sam.z541.