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104 The fir Booke ofDiuinitie, CH AP. 4, p t:fa.19.! I,13 g tob Ib,i7a r9,x3. } t.Sam.l.tey. f I.Sam.x,ss. t tob u ifaj19.3. tHrsse the counfell Of A C H I T O P HE L into folly. And E s A Y Pfcorneth thegreat Counfellors ofthe KingofEgypt: Verily the PrincesofTfaanare Fooles,the wife Cossnfellori of P H A' RA 0'H , their con nfell is made bristijh. ThePrinces of Tfoan are become foolifh. The Princes of llloph are decei- ted, and haue feduced Egypt veto the corner of the Tribes thereof, I E H E) V A H powring into the nniddefl of it a ípirit efcrookedneffe, &c. And this is it vrhich q Jos faith, Hee driuethCounfellors intomadneffB andmakgth lodges Fades : bee remooueth the tongue from the eloquent, and ta- keth Army the vnderflanding of the Elders ;he rernoueth the heartsofthe Rulers ofthe `People of the Land &c. And of tì. is fort is his infatuatingofmen , thatthey ¡hall not hearken to wife aduice. So it is in the Booke r of S A- M V Fill H O V AH haddecreed to makevoyd the ceunfel of Ac H I T O P HE L, which hadbeenebetter (then that which Cufhaigaue)to the end that godmight bring euill op- en AB s o L o N. And ofthe fonnc s ofLI: it is re ooded, t that they hearkenednot to the voyce of theirfather( with great gr.2uitie reproouing them of their fins) for Godwar; ?leafedtokill them. Againe, hee taketh heart and courage from the ffrong in leyne, that when they come to fight, they fhould not find their hands. So it is in t I o B : Hee weakeneth the fireng Layne. And of the Egyptians Efa, prophefieth, Their 1pirit /ball be rent in the middefi of them,beingquite out of heart. Thus, and diuerfly befiele God dothworke, difpofing fo ofeuerie thing, as bell may ferue to worke and effect his counfels. In oneor o Examples all this may be venie manifeff; God had determined to adiiance Iofeph aboue his Ere thren, & tomake him the fatherofhis tathers houfe. See howhe maketh all things to concurre hereuuto:He vfeth firft his owhe Brethrens malice, after long confulration Of taking away his life : in the end, to refolue to fell him into Egypt. Being there , hee openeth him a way into Potiphers houle, a chiefs Ruler about theKing : through whofe wiues inordinate lint and forged complaint, he is e/n-