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CHAP .4. OfProuidence. I09 thee, bit I lay it donne ofmyfelfe : And in his k Prayer to k matt. :F, 39. his Father , hee refigneth it wholly to his good will and pleafure.Therefore as the free and cheereful obedience of GodsChildren, ío renowned I in the Scripture , recei_ l Pral.ito. ;, & uethno blernifh or difgrace , becaufe vvhatfoeuer they elfe-where. doe,wasneceffary to be done in refped} ofhis Decree,rio more can the wicked fetch from hence any excufe or pre... tence for their wickedneffe, to fay , I haue done nothing but that which God hath appointed : and who can refifí his will? For firtl,God loth not at all will fin,as it is fin for this is contrarie to his moat pure and Ulf} nature : nor cloth decree,that wicked a&ions (hall be done in refpeét of their wickednes and malicioufnes ; in which fenfe on- ly they are euill: but as there is force good in the a6tion, which is not at all intended or thought upon by him that doth it. And fecondly,althot:gh in regard ofGods couri- full, it be neceffarie that thole a&ions whichare wicked and finfull,fhould come topaffe,yet in thee the fin is vo- luntar"re,and he difpofeth ofthat moll iuNly,which thou committea wretchedly, not feruinghis providence, but thine ovine vile affre &ions : for though thou willett and doe+ the things that Godbath decreed, to make a holy vfe of,and would haue in force refpeEt done, yet thy will is not carryed with an intent of obedience to his will. It mwas fromGod,that the Kingdome ofIfrael was rent in ni 2,102g.T,o funder,and ten of the Tribesg.uen to anotherfor the iuf} 15,2.4. punilhinent of Salomon: finne : but the finne as well of foolifh n Rehoboam came bete\ cene, following the raft and headdie aduice of children, and reiec`hng the fate and graue aduice of the wife Counfellors of his Father; -as ofthe people O themfelues,that fet vp leroboano,with a o rebellious mind againfl the houfe of Dauid. In which re- fpe&God P renounceth to haue any part in this their p Hoflaea8.4. ,h6tion. Theyfet vpICinga,but not PC122me,they make Prin- ces which Iknownot. Laflly,all that hithertobath beene fpoken concerning.. this