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t io The firfi Booke of Diuinitie, CHAP .4. this whole gouernment and difpenfation is the peculiar praife ofGod, which hee imparts not to any Creature : For hee q giueth not his glorie to another. Therefore the Iewes , r when our Sauiour Chriti faid, MyFather war- kethhitherto,andIworke;did rightly conclude thereupon, that he made himfelfe equall withGod.This inone par- ticular is fet forth , -when the King t ofIfrael detefleth it as ablafphemie Am 1aGod to kill and to glarelsfe ? And t Jacob, ( his Wife biddinghim to glue her children , or elfe lie fhould die)Aas I in Godsffead,who loathkept Backe from thee thefrost ofthy wombe ? So in 7JetnteronomieGod himfelfe faith, Know u that Iam bee , and there is no god withme : 1 kill andreflore to life,&c.Whick by proportion is to bevnderllood ofall the rel+. And this is that memo- riall,wherby this true Godwill be knowne from all false Ind counterfeit gods, Efa.4o.26.Lift vpyeur eyes on high, and feewho loath created theje things. And leremie x cryeth out, I E H o V Au, he as the trueGod,Tbe listing God, The cternall King,whichmade the Earth by his Posver,eflabl:Jhed the inhabitedWorldby his Wifedome , and by his Providence firetchethout the Mauens:whovttering his voyce, thewtcri make a 'smile ; in the Heartens he bringethforth vapoursfr.,ns the vtnaoftpart of the Earth , maketh Lightning together with the Raine,and bringeth the Wnd out of hie treafures. Toconclude(faith he) Thus (hall yet fay to the Idola- trous Gentiles, The Gods that made not Heauen and earth, /ball perifhfrom the Earth, andfemwider the Heaven. And YDauid fotteth it as the proper mark ofthe only God,bleÇ. fed beyeofIE H oV A H ,who bath made the heaven& earth. SoEfa.44.3[9.He taketh to himfelfalone,both the creati- on and adrinietrationofall things:! I E x o v A Hteetch out the Reaaaens alone : 1 firetch out the Earth by my Jèlfe. Andof them both the z Prophet faith, Who loath meafu- red the waters in his JWb, and couered the Heavens with a ffanne or in ameafäire comprehendedthe dolt of the Earth, andweighed the Mountaines with a Nights & the Hilt ina Bal- q ENO. r 16.517,18. f2..King.5.t7. t Gen.3s,s. u I)est.3:39 7t je' y I'fc!.irg.i5. zEfuY40.1=.