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C AP 4. O f Prouzdencv. III Bailance? Who then is like unto our God ? or what or who is he,that may be compared withhim, aWhole kind_ a rfa1.36.7. wire is vp vntoHeaven, hie Truthvista the Clouds, hi,r Rrgh_ teoufneffe as the mightie Mountayne, his 'lodgements as the great Deepe? who (by his Prouidencc) preferueth both Man and Beafi f b Thine (faith the pfalmih) are the flea- b, uenf,,ea, thineù the earth, the inhabited World, and the II,I2,,I3,14,I6 things that fill it, thou haft founded. Then followes an enlargement by the parts;North and South thou haftscreated,Tabor (W%4ward) andHermon(to_ wards the Ea]?) which lingofthy Name. Thegouernment hee partly touched before , and afterwards more fully : Thou rule i user thepride ofthe Sea; when thewallet thereof rage, thoudeefl repreIre them, Vpon all which bee conclu- deth , O , blefed to the People that are acquainted with the !how, walling rn the light of thy Countenance, O I E H O v A H that is who acknowledgethee their.Soueraigue Lord and Captayne, fufferingthc mfelues to bee led and guided by the fhowt or noyfe of thy voice , in thy moil glorious Word and Works, as by the Trumpet or Alla. rum of their General!. Now, tomake it cuident,how the GlorieofGod fhi- neth and fheweth out,in all whichhath beetlePaid of the exercifeof hisKingdome : Generally it may befcene, Firft,That hee is perfec'ion it felfe,in giuing all perfed} things to other. Secoudly,His ovine Infiniteneffe in that their befr,and put them altogether,is but c a drop of that which is Sea. r Eh140or;,t7 full in him. Thirdly,His Eternitie in beingbefore all things were. More particularly he manifefiethhis Power,Wifcdome, Goodneffe both in the making and gouerning the World. In the making, hee manife(feth his Power in creating things of nothing,onelyby his command,in fetchingone contrarieout of another; as Light out of Darkuette, &c. and