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I I2 The,firfi Booke of Diuinitie, CHAP. 5 and bringing forth whatfoeuer he would,euen at the fiat, without naturali cauies,giuinglight vnto the World,be- fore there was a Sunne makings Plants and Herbs to grow, and all things to bee: greene and flourifhing in the Fields, when there was no man to till the ground , nor any miff or rayne to water it. His Wifedome, in the artificial) diflináionof things. HisGoodneffe, ingarnifhing and rcplenifhiug the Earth with all good things fit for the vfe ofman, and that be- fore their Creation; that fo hee might bring them into theWorld, not as to an cmptie and barraine habitation, but ffored firfl with whatfoeuer was requifite,both for the neceffitie and pleafure oftheir life. In the gouerning , bee rnanifefcth his Power , doing things not onely by meataes, but without nteanes,abouc meanes, and contrarie to all meanes and courfe of Na- ture.His Wifedome,iu doing all things according to the counfell of his-Will, in meafisre and weight moll wifely; yea, like a moll cunning Worke-man , procuring good things by euill inflruments, and making finue it 1 lfe to feruevetohisglorie.Hi s Goodneífe,in being liberali and bountiful; to all, as the Pfalmif faith, I E H O Y A H is good to sll, and his Kittdnefe !s otter all his Worker. PfaC r45 9, CHAP. V. Of the Morali Law, the firfi ?'able, and the firfiz Commandement. Lbeit theglorie of God Thine moll dicer- ly in all his Workes, yet is this honour, which in the fecond place wee glue him,very needful' ; for it was not enough for the illuflration of his glorie, either to make the World , or by his Prouidence thus royally to goutrne it ,'vnleihe there were fume that might So muchofthe J ngdome of G9d. Tbehonour due vnto him,is, that the re,fo- nable creatures (Angels &men) doe his