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CHAP . 5. Thefirs Commandèment. might both fee, behold, admire, and confeffe the excel- lencie thereof, afwell in themfelues as others ; without which, all the other Creatures andAóious ofGod, how infinite matter foeuer they containeof Gods glory,could no whit increafe his prayfe,v\ hich was the end ofhis go- uerning, and makingof them, no more then all the skill and excellencieofthe moll perfe&workman canpur- chafe creditor commendationof his worke, ifnone but himfelfe ohferue it. Therefore in his wifedomehe taw it needefull to create Men and Angels, in cluedwith know- ledge, iudgement, a reafonable foule and will, and other excellent parts, to be the Trumpetters of his Glorie.But notwithtianding that in thefe God could glorifie him- felfe, thoughmen and Angels would flop their mouthes, and confpire to roote it out, hee being able either tode (Troy the Creatures hee had made, and fo to glorifie his Power and Iuflice in their deferued ruine,or againf+ their will towring from them aconfeflïonof his Prayfe ; yet as earthlyPrinces not onely delire Soueraigntie and corn- mand,which the Rebels themfelues are not able to with- draw , but loue efpecially that theirpeople fhouldobey andcarrie Subic&ly mindes v%to them : So it pleated God to adde this one veto the refl, for the full making vp and perfe&ing of his glorie. This honour we define by the doingof his will,which is the proper office of Angels and Men, andnot ofany o. ther Creature : yet it is true,the ref} ofthe Creatures doe the will ofGod alto : yea,the wicked afwell as the good, but not in the fame manner. The wicked doe it, becaufe theyThall doe it, will theynill they : Gods Children,be- caufe they haue a will and delire to doe it. Generally, all doe his will and pleafure,that is, f whatfoeuer hee in his euerlafling counfell hathpurpofed to be done.But that is thefecret andhidden wil ofGod,which the wicked may doe and perifh;not his knowne & reuealed will, where- ofwee here fpeake, whichcannot bee done but inobe- I dieace 113 f Pal,r z ç.3.&fr x25.6. Efay46.xo. Rom.9.z9.