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g h Inm,2.1o. Thefirfì Booke of Dìuisaìtìe, CH AI) .5. dience of rcafonable Creatures ; to the doingww'hereofa prornife is belonging. This diflinaion of a fecret and a reuealed will of God,lliefes teachcth, Deut, z9.zo. The hidden things belong to I E x o v A x our Clod : but the re- waled things to vs andour children , to doe all the words of the Law. 1lowbeit, for all that , they are net two wits.,, but one will, as God himfelfe is one. The Dotrine which thus reuealeth and fetteth forth his will, is called the Law ofGod, commanding vs in all things to fcrue andpleafe him. The contrarie whereof is finne,being a breach ofthe Law;as theApoílle Both de- fine it, i.1ohn 3.4.And this Law,Lfay,is. giuen to the rea- fonable Creature,not onely Men, but Angels alfo,refpcc beinghad vnto their nature, which. neither adrrittcth a- cctious that are to be done by the inflrument of the bo- dy,nor is tyed to the things that belong to the necef{ities ofthis life. But that the Angels arc bound to the obfer- uation of the Law , our Sauiour would harle vs learne, when he willcth vs topray, Thy will be done, as in fleanen, fovpon the Earth But to leaue the Angels doing the will of God glori- oufly in Heauen; we will for more cleere euidence apply the things that follow , as they are fitting to our felues. Firff, it muff be of all duties, without fayling in any one; doing all good,;and abflayniug from all cuill. Therefore petfe &ion,wl ich his a thorówdoing of all , without fay - lingofany whit,.is the generall vertue of the whole Law ofGod. Contrariwife,the fayling in any one jot,either of the matter or themanner,is a breach ofall. g Curfed if :- wry one that continueth not in all things that are written in theLaw,to doe thevn.h Who¡aeuerkeepell, thewhole Láro,and yet fryleth inanyone point, he is vaticofall. Againc, all these things (not onely in the feruice of God, but in the duties we owe to men) we muff doe as vnto God,becaufe it is his good will and pieafure;ferni$g rita3 afwell in the works ofRightcomfnere, as of Holinefe, as